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Village Borgo Marano Cupra Marittima

The village, Marano Cupra Alta, Borgo Marano, Cupra Marittima, Via Castello 35, 63064, Cupra Marittima, AP, Province of Ascoli Piceno, Marches, Italy, itravelinitaly, YourShotPhotographer, Maps, Reviews, Gallery, Share on @itravelinitaly_com, @natgeoyourshot, Borgo Marano Cupra Marittima Copyright “All rights reserved” © By travelers from Italy Photo by Baldassarri Giuseppe visual storytelling.  Castrum Maranum, The old, medieval, incised Marano on the hill constitutes the main nucleus of the village, while it is in the second half of the nineteenth century that, further down, the seaside village takes shape; there are also archaeological sites that refer to the Piceny civilization (VIII-VII century BC) that the human settlements become more intense, as evidenced by the numerous necropolis in the Castelletta district, rich in grave goods. Defeated the Picenes (268 BC), Cupra Marittima became a Roman colony and the ager cuprensis was identified with the Regio V Picen…

Cupra Marittima "Riviera delle Palme"

63064, Cupra Marittima, Province of Ascoli Piceno, Riviera delle Palme, Marches, Italy.
I am 25 minutes from home, I often join him, with small children he is almost a must, there is everything, sheltered cliffs, a very long promenade that can be crossed on foot and by bicycle, and then a historical and medieval town perched on the hill.

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Cupra Marittima seafront Copyright “All rights reserved” © By travelers from Italy Photo by Baldassarri Giuseppe visual storytelling.

Cupra Marittima belongs to the area of ​​the Riviera delle Palme of the lower Marche coast. Behind the marina there are three hills: Sant’Andrea with the homonymous fortress, recently restored, Marano with the medieval perched on the hill, which constitutes the main nucleus of the town, and Villa Boccabianca.

Cupra Marittima, A Map Widget helps users looking for accommodations around a specific area.: A Map Widget helps users looking for accommodations around a specific are…

Free as the Wind in Grottamare Alta

I Travel in Italy introduces you; Free as the Wind in Grottamare Alta Copyright All rights reserved © By travelers from Italy Photo by Baldassarri Giuseppe Visual Storytelling .    Find out more, 1> go to the bottom of the site page.

Riviera delle Palme, Grottammare Alta, Piazza Peretti, Province of Ascoli Piceno, AP, Marches, Italy. In the Riviera delle Palme between the southernmost stretch of the Marche that starts north from Cupra Marittima and ends in the south with Porto d'Ascoli, there are the seaside villages of the Riviera delle Palme, Cupra Alta or Marano and Grottamare Alta, authentic panoramic terraces overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Overlooking the ancient village of Grottammare, you can admire the beach, the sea and the horizon. After taking a walk to discover the architectural wonders, taste the fish dishes and have them serve fish olives and brodetto.

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