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Free Man

Free man, you will always love the sea! The sea is your mirror: contemplate your soul in the infinite unrolling of your wave, and your spirit it is an abyss no less bitter. You delight in diving in the bosom of your image; you hug her with your eyes and with your arms, and your heart gets distracted sometimes from one's own heartbeat at the sound of that lament indomitable and wild. You both are dark and discreet: man, no one probed the bottom of your depths; sea, nobody knows your intimate riches: so jealously cherished your secrets! And yet for countless centuries you wage war without mercy or remorse, so love slaughter and death, o eternal fighters, o inseparable brothers! Charles Baudelaire Charles Pierre Baudelaire was a French poet, writer, literary critic, art critic, journalist, aphorist, essayist and translator. - Continue on Welcome to Italy Travel is the traveler in Italy proposes with snapshot


BOAT EXCURSIONS IN THE CONERO There is nothing more fascinating than seeing Monte Conero from the sea. Many crewed boats can make you live this experience in complete safety. The Conero Riviera will show itself in all its splendor and you will be able to live an experience in contact with nature that you will never forget.  would like to receive your feedback.  Italy Post a review on our profile. Review

The charm and flavor that a wooden boat

@itravelinitaly_com #italy The charm and flavor that a wooden boat If you are a lover of the sea, the charm and flavor that a wooden boat transmits is unparalleled: the wood is alive, its essence is intoxicating. From here the Callas plunged: San Benedetto, here is the story of a mythical boat. SAN BENEDETTO DEL TRONTO - In the Marchetti shipyards there is an old wooden boat for pleasure.  Mahogany hull, 13 meters long, rigged in the sixties in Loano, Savona.  Her name is Micia II, and she has a story to tell.  A story that intersects with two tutelary gods of opera, the Divina Maria Callas and the legendary tenor Giuseppe Di Stefano.  The two voices, a boat, a friendship that for some passionate exegetes was also something more.  would like to receive your feedback.  Share and Post a review on our profile.

Life is like the sea

And live.  Life is like the sea: when it's rough, don't stop swimming, when it's calm, welcome all the serenity it gives you.  The sea is your mirror: you contemplate your soul in the infinite turning of the rolling wave.  would like to receive your feedback.  Share and Post a review on our profile.

Venice Discover canals

Observe scenes of everyday life as you cruise through the less touristy districts of Cannaregio, Dorsoduro and the Jewish Ghetto.  Your guide will tell facts about the city's history, architecture and local legends.  For the grand finale, walk the wide Grand Canal and cruise under the world-famous Rialto Bridge.  This small-group tour has a maximum of 9 people to offer a more personalized experience.  Explore the waterways of charming Venetian neighborhoods such as Cannaregio, the Jewish Ghetto and Dorsoduro  Discover canals off the tourist trail and sights like the Arsenale and the Rialto Bridge  See artisans at work in a Dorsoduro gondola workshop and stop for photos at the Jewish Ghetto. 

The canal is an essential element of the waterways of Venice and its lagoon.

The term canal is used in the historic center to indicate the waterways which, due to their width, length and density of sustained traffic, constitute the real backbones of the navigation system inside the city.  They are:  the Grand Canal, which crosses the whole heart of the city from west to east separating it in two and ends in the San Marco Basin;  the Cannaregio Canal, which joins the initial part of the Grand Canal with the northern part of the lagoon in the direction of Mestre;  the Giudecca Canal, which connects the western part of the city to the south directly with the San Marco Basin;  the Scomenzera Canal, which directly joins the Giudecca Canal with the initial part of the Grand Canal in Santa Chiara, passing between the Stazione Marittima and the Santa Marta area.  Outside the urban context, the term canal is used to specifically name the natural navigable lagoon paths that surround the city or that connect it to the mainland or to the inlets, the main canals

Marina di Altidona Beach in safety

The Marche is the only region declined in the plural of Italy: the local beaches on the Adriatic coast are all beautiful and inviting, but they maintain a certain difference between them as if to underline the plurality of the name of the area that hosts them.  Each lido in the Marche is unique and at the same time perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment. The Marche is the only region declined in the plural of Italy: the local beaches on the Adriatic coast are all beautiful and inviting, but they maintain a certain difference between them as if to underline the plurality of the name of the area that hosts them.  Each lido in the Marche is unique and at the same time perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment. Free beach in Marina di Altidona.  Altidona, another village close to the sea that combines history and beaches.  The walls surround the town and following it you will come to a long coast in the Marina area where you can finally put your feet

Pedaso Beach "Spiaggia delle Velone".

LOCALITY Pedaso - historic center Pedaso FM Pedaso is a small town located along the Marche coast, in the province of Fermo. BATHING TOURIST OFFER: The sand and gravel beach is over 2 km long;  the coast is partially interrupted by the presence of the rock.  To animate the rhythms of the beach are the chalets that organize various activities to make the stay of adults and children pleasant and fun.  The transparent water, rich in marine flora and fauna, is particularly suitable for diving and underwater fishing.  Due to its location, Pedaso enjoys a particular microclimate characterized in winter by mild temperatures and in summer by frequent breezes.  There is a cycle path that starts from the mouth of the Aso river (border with Campofilone) and continues southwards.  Along the "Lungomare dei singer-songwriters of the twentieth century" (Blue Flag 2017), it is possible to walk along the beach for about two kilometers on a path accessible by underpasses dedicat

Summer Dream by Giosuè Carducci

Poem "Summer Dream" by Giosuè Carducci Tags: Summer Between the battles, Homer, always ringing in your poem the hot hour overcame me: I bowed my head in sleep on the shore of Scamander, but my heart fled me on the Tyrrhenian. I dreamed, placid things of my new years I dreamed. No more books: the room from the hot July sun, dazed by the wagons rolling on the cobblestones of the city, broadsides: rising around my hills, dear wild hills that young april rifioría. He was going down the beach with fresh murmurs a gush while becoming a river: my mother walked along the river prosperous over the years, drawing a baby by hand whose golden locks shone on her white shoulders. The little boy went with a small step of glory, proud of maternal love, struck in the heart from that immense feast that the alma nature sang. But the bells rang up from the castle announcing Christ turning tomorrow to his heavens; and on the peaks and on the plain, for the auras, f

The beauty of nature

If there is a moment of the day that is particularly magical and romantic, that is sunset, when the sun hides behind the horizon to give way to the night and the moon. Better than a sunset there is only a sunset over the sea, with the sun reflecting off the water and giving us a majestic show of lights and colors.

You are like the sea in December

Poems by ivana iebba For all the times you have felt inadequate because you feel everything too much, because it is too deep in a world of superficiality.  This is for you Support Comment You are like the sea in December Impetuous, Strong, Full of life Difficult to understand Often out of season And you need someone who loves challenges The Adventures Because you are a great labyrinth And hidden you have priceless treasures You are the sea in December When it's winter and the wind shakes it Because everything shakes you perhaps too easily. Too deeply But don't be afraid of emotions It is thanks to them that we know we are alive And you feel them in a way that makes your head spin And heart beat You are the sea when in the most magical month of winter It does not allow itself to be destroyed by its waves While feeling them all the way through But it reacts by sharing The breath of the world And donating it to observers so small in comparison t

Superb landscape

in Italy there is no more superb landscape and panorama.  Imagine tens and tens of kilometers of jagged cliffs with caves, stacks, overhangs and soft beaches in front of the most spectacular of the seas, now wide open and open, now closed in bays as small as docks. 

You walk on a beach like this and you find many stones.

 And then you remember, you remember that you too once sat there and the hours passed so happy and time was not time.  It is the magic of childhood, you can stay there for an entire afternoon without realizing that you are burning your back.  And it happens, you are on a beach, looking for that timeless time.  And you walk.  And then you find them, many stones.  Of different sizes, with different shades, some are small and gray, others brown.  And you understand that someone passed on that beach before you, perhaps a child.  Only stones.  And fantasy and dream and imagination.  Sometimes you walk on a beach like this and you find lots of stones.

In the "secret" depths of the Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic Sea is considered one of the "cold engines" of the Mediterranean thermohaline circulation, that is the "conveyor belt" that conveys masses of sea water, heat and chemical compounds, connecting coastal areas and deep and abyssal regions, distant between  them even thousands of kilometers.  The mechanism through which the Adriatic performs this function is the formation of "dense water", therefore heavy waters that sink, and which can occur in the winter months, following episodes of intense wind and cold preceded by relatively little rainy periods. Where these conditions occur (typically in the northern coastal areas, but not only), the water masses see their temperature decrease and their salinity increase, becoming denser than the surrounding waters and therefore tending to move towards the deeper areas of the  pelvis, thus feeding the large circulatory mechanism. The thick water of Puglia In correspondence with these events

The stormy sea beyond the horizon

 The sea is the mind of the sky, cherubs are the eyes of the sea, the ethereal does not think acts and only the fluid sense of water assigns invisible neurons to the power of the stone forges. Dusky silent, cheerful turquoise, combines with rapid electric discharges majestic and deep thoughts furrowed by ships laden with phantom destinies where only in the sparkling forests of water can their occupants finally be at home. The sea is the mind of the sky, cherubs are the eyes of the sea ... every branch born on this earth is the result of the dream of a wave that has now disappeared. POEM BY Raniero Cappelli

Phrases, quotes and aphorisms about the winter sea.

 I like the sea in winter.  He puts in the waves, I put in the thoughts.  (Fabrizio Caramagna)  Lying on the sand of the winter sea, opening your hands to the sun and letting your identity evaporate.  (Fabrizio Caramagna)  The sea in winter has a magic that summer will never understand.  (lucastadiva, Twitter)  I like the sea in winter because it is for a few.  (ilCinzio, Twitter)  There are parts of me that exist only when the wind blows from the west and the sea is stormy and the clouds run fast in a sky full of wonder and strange colors.  (Fabrizio Caramagna) #beach #sea #nature #summer #italy #travel #photooftheday #sun #love #beautiful #instagood #photography #sunset #picoftheday #landscape #sky #travelphotography #holiday #italia #instagram #travelgram #vacation #photo #mare #amazing #blue #clouds #instatravel #playa #trip

Sitting in front of the sea.

sitting in front of the sea. And no, for now I do not intend to reveal the name of this place, soon I will take you through the streets of this characteristic town, soon you will walk with me on this beach. Today you will find the stones here. Each stone is a wave. Each stone is a shell that you bring to your ear to hear the rumble of the sea. Each stone is algae, starfish and crab. Each stone is a bucket, a shovel and the molds. Each stone is an open umbrella, mom's straw bag and a mid-afternoon popsicle. Each stone awaits a hand to pick it up. And then throw it, make it bounce off the surface of the water. One two three four. And then down, it settles on the bottom of the sea. Sea and stones. And then sometimes, you walk on a beach like this and you find a stone, only one.

The waves are white meringue foams

Love, while life presses us,  it is simply a wave high above the waves.  (Pablo Neruda)  Few people are capable of looking for you where you really are.  That's why I love the sound of the waves.  They always know where you are.  (Fabrizio Caramagna)  It would be enough to turn off your phone, drive to the beach, forget everything and just listen to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.  (Anonymous)  I tried to discover, amid the sounds of the forests and the waves, words that other men could not hear, and I pricked up my ears to hear the revelation of their harmony.  (Gustave Flaubert)  I have never seen the waves give up, which is also why I love the sea.  (Anonymous)  Who knows who knows tomorrow  What will we get our hands on  If you can still count the waves of the sea  And raise your head ..  (Lucio Dalla)  The waves are white meringue foams

Stones in the sea

FERNANDO PESSOA SOMETIMES Sometimes on the beach I throw stones in the sea and from my vain gesture I gain a taste for wandering, a taste of Empire left by whom he could center his kingdom but he left everything for pleasure alone to see through the sky and the day. #sunny #sky #sun #italy #nature #instagood #sky #beautiful #photooftheday #travel #ideagb #sea #sunnyday #sunshine #picoftheday #photography #fun #beach #redsky #italia #bluesky #itravelinitaly_com #happy #holiday #clearsky #warm #amazing #landscape #season #weather

Beside the winter sea.

The Winter Sea Landward the breakers roll and run, The gray-white ospreys near and flee, Beneath the long slant winter sun Beside the winter sea. With chilly gleam the shingle shines; The sand with icy umber glows; Back from the beach the stunted pines Stand somber in the snows. The horizon shows a steely glint,– A line of pickets white patrolled; The empty zenith holds the hint Of cruelty and cold. The north-wind clarions; ’tis a dirge, A requiem, a threnody, Keyed to the sad sound of the surge Beside the winter sea.

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