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Grottammare Terrace overlooking the sea

With the irises facing out, extruded from the balustrade, to navigate leagues in the distance, impenetrable to tear, from the last bloodless sky,  your fleeting glimpse, drowning at dusk. Love poem by Hermetic Lunacy. 
Grottammare Terrace overlooking the sea 📷 photo By Baldassarri Giuseppe Copyright All rights reserved © By ✺❂✺ Travel is the traveler in Italy Discover the soul of the placesLandscape | Travel is the traveler in Italy : Landscape: Discover the soul of the places.

Taormina Ancient Theater

The Ancient theatre of Taormina is an ancient Greek theatre in Taormina, Sicily, built in the third century BC. Address: Taormina, Via del Teatro Greco, 1, 98039, Taormina, ME, Sicily, Italy.
Taormina Teatro Antico di Taormina Photo By Gaetano Sampiero Copyright All rights reserved © By ✺❂✺ Travel is the traveler in Italy | Travel is the traveler in Italy

Taormina: The Ancient theater

Taormina in addition to being a place, a landscape that inspired art, poetry, and fantasy. Taormina is a wonderful picture.
The Sicilian places are, as Pindar would have said, "a pillar of the sky", they are the places that hold heaven, earth, and sea. The whole eastern coast of Sicily seems to have stood still for an eternal spring, its panorama says it, the charm of nature that allows itself to be admired in all its wonder. Eliot wrote: "in Taormina, it is as bright as the snow on the top of Etna".
The Ancient theater of Taormina ("Teatro Antico di Taormina" in Italian) is an ancient Greek theater in Taormina

Seaside –

Midday on the still and warm sea:
she accepts me without shouting: a silence and a smile.
Latin spirit, Antiquity, a veil of modesty on the tortured cry!
Latin life that knows its limits,
reassuring past, oh! Mediterranean!
Silent voices still triumph on your banks,
who say yes because they denied you!
Huge and light,
assure and satisfy and murmur the eternity of your minutes,
Oh! Mediterranean! And the miracle of your story,
you enclose it all
in the explosion of your smile.

From the Mediterranean by Albert Camus

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Landscapes n Italy.

Landscapes in Italy. What is the landscape like in Italy?
Italy is a peninsula in the MediterraneanSea. Its most prominent feature is its boot-like shape kicking the island of Sicily. Much of Italy is covered by mountains. The Dolomite mountains which extend across northern Italy are part of the Alps mountain range.
Beautiful Landscapes You'll Only Find in Italy Lago de Garda. Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, is unsurprisingly one of the country's most popular tourist destinations. ... Terme di Saturnia. ... Scala Dei Turchi. ... The Dolomites. ... Cinque Terre. ... Grotta Della Poesia. ... Cascate Delle Marmore. ... Mount Etna.
Landscapes Travel is the traveler in Italy

Summer by the sea

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Marina di Altidona, Province of Fermo, Marches, Italy. Summer by the sea Feel like rowing Bathing offshore To see the sun-umbrellas from afar Summer by the sea Seaside style With the life jacket For fear of drowning Above the bridges of the highways There is someone standing there who greets us Feel this skin as it is scented It reminds me of Tahitian oil Evenings when it was cold Car tires burned This summer I want to have fun for the holidays. Song by Giuni Russo.

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