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Scene in Italy.

Images and words. Two elements that are part of our life every day. They mark important moments, sensations already lived, imbued with memories, or still to be lived and therefore awaiting their evolution. A photograph remains impressed. It brings back an event, once tied to a person. Through one click you remain tied forever. The individual words can become a treasure chest of emotions and memories in the moment in which they are linked together and create a composition, a poem or a text.
Words and images can communicate with each other. They have the ability to create a small transparent nest from which inspiration is drawn. The inspiration created by a photograph can lead to writing a poem. And at the same time, a poem can suggest a photographic shoot, a perspective rather than another, a completely personal angle from which to observe the world and make an instant of our life eternal. Words and images are two tools at our disposal to leave something "palpable" to the hea…

Pedaso rock lion head

Pedaso rock lion head Italy, Lungomare dei cantautori del XX secolo, Marches, Pedaso, Province of Fermo. I don't miss fantasy, but it always seems, every time I walk along the promenade of the 20th-century singer-songwriters in Pedaso, to see a lion's head of rock emerging from the sea. Its coastline has natural rocks with the most different names given to them due to their appearance or their connection with ancient stories.
Accommodation in Pedaso

Il laterizio in Grottammare Borgo

Location: 63066 Grottammare AP, Italy. Brick is a product made of ceramic material with a porous paste, used since prehistoric times in construction, which is a very important building material. It is created with purified clay, pressed into established shapes, dried and cooked in special ovens. The coastal and hilly areas rich in that clay, so stingy from an agricultural production point of view, have favored the use of bricks, derived from the firing of the clay itself.

The charm of the village of Grottamare Alta.

Travelers from Italy introduce;  The charm of the village of Grottamare Alta  Copyright All rights reserved © By travelers from Italy Photo OnGoogleMaps by Baldassarri Giuseppe. 
Via Camilla Peretti, 63066 Grottammare, AP, Italy. Lose yourself in the alleys paved with worn bricks, with views overlooking the Adriatic Sea, beautiful small streets and the scenery that you will observe from a Camilla Peretti street. Camilla Peretti (1519–1605), sister of Pope Sixtus V (r. 1585– 90), was one of an influential group of Roman noblewomen who supported the Counter-Reformation through their patronage of architecture. Peretti’s projects included collaboration with her brother to develop the sprawling Villa Montalto complex on the Esquiline Hill and renovation of the ancient church of S. Susanna al Quirinale, where she commissioned a chapel dedicated to St. Lawrence and built a convent for a group of radically reformed Cistercian nuns. Although Sixtus V is usually characterized …

Gate of the Castle in Grottammare.

I Travel in Italy introduce; Gate of the Castle in Grottammare Copyright All rights reserved © By travelers from Italy Photo OnGoogleMaps by Baldassarri Giuseppe. 
Gate of the Castle in Grottammare, Via del Castello, 63066 Grottammare, AP, Italy. The square tower, on the other hand, is rather interesting because it looks like the classic fourteenth-century tower open at the back and reveals a cross-section of the floors where it was fought and those without openings where stocks were stored; surprising to observe how the small part of the wall remained anchored to the tower defies gravity. The walls continue beyond the road going down towards the so-called gate of the Castle. The best-preserved structures are those of the western curtain where there is a pentagonal tower, called strut, from which a section of the thick wall of the fortress originates. The tower is walled on all sides and cannot be visited inside. In the following wall section you can see the headquar…

The ancient walls of the castle of Porto San Giorgio. > Le antiche mura del castello.

I Travel in Italyintroduce; The ancient walls of the castle of Porto San Giorgio Copyright All rights reserved © By travelers from Italy Photo OnGoogleMaps by Baldassarri Giuseppe. 
The ancient walls of the castle of Porto San Giorgio, 63822 Porto San Giorgio, Province of Fermo. The very panoramic and poetic place located just above the coastal town of Porto San Giorgio, where the view is lost towards the sea or the mountain. It is said that here, in medieval times, Venetian or Dalmatian fishermen settled in flight from the barbarians, who were looking for a place overlooking the sea, safe and easy to defend. I start from the historic center of Porto San Giorgio. More precisely, from the characteristic Corso Castel San Giorgio, which can be accessed from the Largo del Teatro Comunale. The climb begins with Via Girolamo Bonaparte, paved and with small steps, and then continues along Via Cerretani up to an arch with which through the walls of Castel San Giorgio. The ro…

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