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Torre Merlata in Porto San Giorgio, the main tower of the medieval castle.

I Travel in Italy introduce; Torre Merlata in Porto San Giorgio tower of the medieval castle @portosangiorgio Copyright All rights reserved © By travelers from Italy PhotoOnGoogleMaps by Baldassarri Giuseppe Visual Storytelling. 
Torre Merlata Porto san Giorgio, 63822 Porto San Giorgio, Province of Fermo, Marches, Italy All the medieval castles, even the crenelated tower retains the architectural character of the battlements, or of the toothed top. The aim was to protect the soldiers who were walking on top of the towers from the attacks of archers and slingers. The edges of the battlements contained drains, trapdoors that allowed them to throw stones at the enemies or to pour boiling water. There are two main styles of battlements, Guelphs and Ghibellines, from the two factions that used them. Later they were built at the discretion of the building and tower designers.

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