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Villa Bonaparte in Porto San Giorgio

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Via Girolamo Bonaparte, 63822 Porto San Giorgio, Province of Fermo, FM, Marches, Italy. Built at the beginning of the nineteenth century on a design by Ireneo Aleandri, as the golden residence of Girolamo Bonaparte, Napoleon's brother and ex-king of Westphalia, in 1830 it passed to the counts Pelagallo, Fermani, owners until today. He had it built in the years 1826-29 Girolamo Bonaparte who chose the Fermano because he had fallen in love with the marquise Anna Azzolino "the most lovely gentlewoman of Fermo". Jerome was one of Napoleon's three brothers, he was king of Westphalia. He chose this golden residence after the battle of Waterloo, which saw him as the protagonist along with Napoleon and the other three brothers. The architect Ireneo Aleandri, a pupil of Stern and Camporesi in Rome and also the author of the Sferisterio of Macerata, built it in three years. The Bonaparte brings all the furni…
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