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Grottammare and the raids of pirates and corsairs

I Travel in Italy introduce; Logge di Piazza Peretti Grottammare Borgo @grottammare Copyright All rights reserved © By travelers from Italy Photo by Baldassarri Giuseppe Visual Storytelling . 
Logge di Piazza PerettiPiazza Peretti 1, 63066, Grottammare, AP, Riviera delle Palme, Marches, Italy, location on . It was precisely following a dangerous incursion and temporary occupation of the town by the pirates in 1525, that Grottammare was completely surrounded by walls, fortified in the gates, reinforced with a tower called "of the battle", placed next to Porta Marina and in exact correspondence with the underlying port, so as to be able to adequately respond with the new cannons to other possible enemy incursions.
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