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The facade of the Sanctuary of the Holy House in Loreto.

Basilica della Santa Casa, Piazza della Madonna, 1, 60025 Loreto, AN, Marches, Italy.Bramante was asked for the project for the facade, but it was only carried out long after; the original design was much reworked in late Renaissance style by Francesco Boccalini, who in 1571 began the lower part up to the cornice; it was continued from here by Giovan Battista Chioldi and finished in 1587 by Lattanzio Ventura at the behest of Pope Sixtus V, whose name is written in the upper cornice. It is presented in white Istrian stone, vertically divided into three parts by four pairs of pillars, suggesting the three internal naves.

Rocca Tiepolo Fortress in the hills embellished with ancient pine trees.

Rocca Tiepolo Fortress in Porto San Giorgio Copyright All rights reserved © By travelers from Italy Photo by Baldassarri Giuseppe.
Rocca Tiepolo Fortress, Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 3, 63822 Porto San Giorgio FM, Italy. Porto San Giorgio, the city of the riviera, was born as a fishing village that until - from Roman times - was linked to the city of Fermo becoming its port. Its importance was so great that it was named in the Itinerary of the Emperor Antoninus, dating back to the century. III d. C. and the Tabula Pentingeriana, an ancient map of the Roman imperial era. It appears with the name of Castello Firmani. Center of maritime traffic of the hinterland and of Fermo from and to Venice, it made sure that a friendly alliance was established between this city and Fermo. After the fall of the barbarians and the consequent destructions, some fishermen settled in the area that gave life to a town, that in 1164 passed to the chapter of the Canons of the Cathedral Fermo, to…

The Theater of Porto San Giorgio

Location; Porto S.Giorgio - Teatro, 63822 Porto San Giorgio FM, Italy, 63822 Porto San Giorgio FM, Italy. The Theater of Porto San Giorgio, formerly Teatro Vittorio Emanuele II, was inaugurated in 1817, after five years of work and was designed by the architect Giuseppe Locatelli di Tolentino. The dedication of the theater to Vittorio Emanuele dates back to 1860, in honor of the stage that the King made during his trip to Porto San Giorgio. The event inspired the scenographer Mariano Piervittori of Foligno for the painting of the great Curtain of the Theater which however was stolen in the 60s. In 1910, the San Giorgio painter Sigismondo Nardi masterfully frescoed the vault of the theater, with a great allegory of the arts and human destiny, framed in a web of stars and nets, signifying the fishing vocation of the city and its inhabitants. The vault of Nardi gives the Theater an original and very precious historical-artistic profile. The hall, in the classical horseshoe shape, is deli…

Il laterizio in Grottammare Borgo

Location: 63066 Grottammare AP, Italy. Brick is a product made of ceramic material with a porous paste, used since prehistoric times in construction, which is a very important building material. It is created with purified clay, pressed into established shapes, dried and cooked in special ovens. The coastal and hilly areas rich in that clay, so stingy from an agricultural production point of view, have favored the use of bricks, derived from the firing of the clay itself.

The bell tower of the CHURCH OF SANTA LUCIA in Grottammare

Travelers from Italy introduce; The bell tower of the CHURCH OF SANTA LUCIA in Grottammare Copyright All rights reserved © By travelers from Italy Photo by Baldassarri Giuseppe.
The bell tower of the CHURCH OF SANTA LUCIA, Piazza Santa Lucia, 63066 Grottammare AP, Italy. The church is the most imposing architectural element of the upper town, located in a clearly visible position that characterizes the façade of the old incumbent. The east-facing façade opens onto a narrow square that insists on three arches, which serve as support, below which there are wash houses. It presents a sober and essential style, inspired by the rigorous principles of Tridentine architecture. It is composed of a massive square body from which emerges the octagonal drum, which hides the dome, and the brick bell tower, with two bells, with three overlapping arches and curved crowning.

The charm of the village of Grottamare Alta.

Travelers from Italy introduce;  The charm of the village of Grottamare Alta  Copyright All rights reserved © By travelers from Italy Photo OnGoogleMaps by Baldassarri Giuseppe. 
Via Camilla Peretti, 63066 Grottammare, AP, Italy. Lose yourself in the alleys paved with worn bricks, with views overlooking the Adriatic Sea, beautiful small streets and the scenery that you will observe from a Camilla Peretti street. Camilla Peretti (1519–1605), sister of Pope Sixtus V (r. 1585– 90), was one of an influential group of Roman noblewomen who supported the Counter-Reformation through their patronage of architecture. Peretti’s projects included collaboration with her brother to develop the sprawling Villa Montalto complex on the Esquiline Hill and renovation of the ancient church of S. Susanna al Quirinale, where she commissioned a chapel dedicated to St. Lawrence and built a convent for a group of radically reformed Cistercian nuns. Although Sixtus V is usually characterized …

The old square tower in Grottammare

Travelers from Italy introduce;  The old square tower in Grottammare  Copyright All rights reserved © By travelers from Italy Photo OnGoogleMaps by Baldassarri Giuseppe. 
The old square tower, 63066 Grottammare, Province of Ascoli Piceno, Italy. Square-plan tower set on a scarp base, devoid of connection structures with the city walls and probably built between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, as suggested by the type of wall facing. Inside there are two tanks communicating with spring water.

The bell tower cut out in Grottammare Borgo.

Travelers from Italy introduce; The bell tower cut out in Grottammare Borgo Copyright All rights reserved © By travelers from Italy Photo OnGoogleMaps by Baldassarri Giuseppe. 
Church of Sant 'Agostino, Grottammare Borgo, Via S. Agostino, 32, 63066 Grottammare, Province of Ascoli Piceno, Italy The bell tower remembers the rest that Martin Luther made there. An interesting artistic discovery was recently made in this church. To the right of those entering the church, there is a heavy eighteenth-century scagliola cornice, which encloses an altarpiece depicting the Virgin and two saints. On the wall behind it appears a fresco that dates back to the sixteenth century.

Grottammare Alta, the medieval village.

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Grottammare Alta, Grottammare, Province of Ascoli Piceno, AP, Marches, Italy. I travel in Italy. I introduce you Grottammare Alta, the medieval village overlooking the sea, gathered on the edge of a hill, with rustic houses and small streets, where the scent of orange groves expands. Along the path that leads there is the seventeenth-century villa of Cardinal Decio Azzolino, where Cristina of Sweden stayed. Following the conquest of the city in 1525 by the Dulcigno pirate, the village was fortified with walls, gates and a Torrione called the battle. Currently, it houses many of the works of the native wind sculptor, one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century, Pericle Fazzini. In the Church of Sant 'Agostino of the sixteenth century, there is a Madonna della Misericordia by Vincenz…

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