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Sibillini Montains

A walk on the splendid plateau of the Piani di Ragnolo at 1,500 m above sea level in the Sibillini National Park. It is a ring excursion first through the woods full of roe deer, where we will make a small stakeout to spot them, and then go up to the highest and most panoramic area up to Punta del Ragnolo and enjoy the sunset in peace and eat something for dinner ( packed), then concluding at night (with headlamps) until returning to the cars.  would like to receive your feedback.  Share and Post a review on our profile.

Life is like the sea

And live.  Life is like the sea: when it's rough, don't stop swimming, when it's calm, welcome all the serenity it gives you.  The sea is your mirror: you contemplate your soul in the infinite turning of the rolling wave.  would like to receive your feedback.  Share and Post a review on our profile.

Pedaso Beach "Spiaggia delle Velone".

LOCALITY Pedaso - historic center Pedaso FM Pedaso is a small town located along the Marche coast, in the province of Fermo. BATHING TOURIST OFFER: The sand and gravel beach is over 2 km long;  the coast is partially interrupted by the presence of the rock.  To animate the rhythms of the beach are the chalets that organize various activities to make the stay of adults and children pleasant and fun.  The transparent water, rich in marine flora and fauna, is particularly suitable for diving and underwater fishing.  Due to its location, Pedaso enjoys a particular microclimate characterized in winter by mild temperatures and in summer by frequent breezes.  There is a cycle path that starts from the mouth of the Aso river (border with Campofilone) and continues southwards.  Along the "Lungomare dei singer-songwriters of the twentieth century" (Blue Flag 2017), it is possible to walk along the beach for about two kilometers on a path accessible by underpasses dedicat


If there is a moment of the day that is particularly magical and romantic, that is sunset, when the sun hides behind the horizon to give way to the night and the moon. Better than a sunset there is only a sunset over the sea, with the sun reflecting off the water and giving us a majestic show of lights and colors.

Phrases about the sunset by famous authors

 At that time, I was looking for sunsets, suburbs and unhappiness;  now I look for the mornings, the center and serenity.  (Jorge Luis Borges)  What are you looking for, poet, in the sunset?  (Antonio Machado)  It is impossible to explain human preferences.  Although built with absolutely identical materials, and both beautiful (no one can say which of the two is more beautiful), the setting sun has always had, and has, more public than the one that rises.  (Millôr Fernandes)  Men close their doors against the setting sun.  (William Shakespeare)  I have a horror of sunsets, it's romantic, it makes a lot of melodrama.  (Marcel Proust)  I have reached the highest point of my greatness, and from the height of my glory, I hasten to set.  (William Shakespeare)  The colors of the day slowly melted into gray and the peaks of distant mountains became confused silhouettes of crouching giants.  (Khaled Hosseini)  Young people have a short memory, and have the eyes to look only to

The breath of the sea.

The breath of the sea  Peace on those rocks,  the tormented flight  of a thousand seagulls.  Primitive dismay  of the immense,  the instinct for freedom  rediscovered virgin  they overwhelmed nostalgia and hopes.  A fisherman broke the silence.  He explained to me that the conch  she sings because she is alive,  and the sea that she has lost weeps.  Then he went back to her grimace.  I to listen  the breath of the sea.

The stones breathe.

The stones breathe.  Once in a thousand years and our life is too short to notice  (Fabrizio Caramagna)  Sometimes, if you look at the stones very carefully, you can understand the ocean.  (Terry Pratchett)  You'll find more in the woods than in books.  Trees and stones will teach you what cannot be learned from masters.  (Saint Bernard)  If we had stone eyes, we would see how mountains move.  (Eero Suvilehto)  Silence.  Scratch the stone  a song of cicadas.  (Matsuo Basho)  The sentence must have the hardness of stone and the trembling of leaves.  (Nicolás Gómez Dávila)  Is a mountain just a huge stone?  Is a planet a huge mountain?  (Stanisław Lem)  The water passes, the stones remain.  But only they know at what price.  (Vasile Ghica)  Sometimes I feel like a stone thrown bouncing off water, convinced that it can fly and unaware that sooner or later it will have to sink.  (Fabrizio Caramagna)  God is the arm, chance is the sling, man is the stone.  Try to resist once launched.  


Because at sunrise and sunset, longer wavelengths are seen first, namely the red and orange ones. Going into more detail, this phenomenon lies in the theories that Lord Rayleigh, a British physicist, expounded at the end of the 19th century. #sunny #sky #sun #italy #nature #instagood #sky #beautiful #photooftheday #travel #ideagb #sea #sunnyday #sunshine #picoftheday #photography #fun #beach #redsky #italia #bluesky #itravelinitaly_com #happy #holiday #clearsky #warm #amazing #landscape #season #weather

The most wind in Italy

The bora is the most violent and turbulent wind in Italy and in the entire Mediterranean basin.  Given its particular and complex characteristics it is also one of the most studied winds in the world.  Frequently it blows with extreme violence, between autumn, winter and early spring, along the Gulf of Trieste, the coast of Istria and Dalmatia, up to the border with northern Albania, with furious descending gusts  that reach the medium-high Adriatic and then continue in the direction of Veneto, Romagna and the coasts of Marche and Abruzzo, where it can give rise to storm surges with a consistent wave, despite a "Fetch" (sea space on which the  wind) rather limited. #wind #nature #sea #photography #sky #waves #love #beach #sun #clouds #windsurfing #summer #surf #water #kitesurfing #windy #rain #travel #windsurf #sunset #storm #sailing #ocean #landscape #kiteboarding #naturephotography #weather #kitesurf #kite #bhfyp


The bora, the origin of the most violent wind in the Mediterranean The bora is the most violent and turbulent wind in Italy and in the entire basin of the Mediterranean Sea, and also one of the most studied winds in the world.  It can often blow in gusts exceeding 130 km / h. #wind #nature #sea #photography #sky #waves #love #beach #sun #clouds #windsurfing #summer #surf #water #kitesurfing #windy #rain #travel #windsurf #sunset #storm #sailing #ocean #landscape #kiteboarding #naturephotography #weather #kitesurf #kite #bhfyp

Beside the winter sea.

The Winter Sea Landward the breakers roll and run, The gray-white ospreys near and flee, Beneath the long slant winter sun Beside the winter sea. With chilly gleam the shingle shines; The sand with icy umber glows; Back from the beach the stunted pines Stand somber in the snows. The horizon shows a steely glint,– A line of pickets white patrolled; The empty zenith holds the hint Of cruelty and cold. The north-wind clarions; ’tis a dirge, A requiem, a threnody, Keyed to the sad sound of the surge Beside the winter sea.

Riviera delle Palme

Riviera delle Palme is a tourist denomination that identifies the stretch of the Marche coast that goes from Cupra Marittima to the mouth of the Tronto, passing through Grottammare and San Benedetto del Tronto.  It represents an important regional tourist reality both for the number of accommodation facilities and for presences. [1]  The name comes from the presence of thousands of palms, mainly of the species Phoenix canariensis, Washingtonia and P. sylvestris. 

Flat and sandy coast

The Adriatic Sea, compared to the other basins, shows peculiar characteristics.  It is a moderately shallow sea especially in the northern part. The environmental characteristics of the Upper Adriatic are: flat and sandy coast presence of (artificial) breakwater rocks arranged along the entire coast a few meters from the beach which over the years have given shelter to many animals allowing the formation of "environmental oases" for many fish and invertebrates of the benthos group low salinity due to the large contributions of fresh water from the numerous rivers that flow into the Adriatic Sea high temperatures are reached in summer, very low in winter (compared to the rest of the Mediterranean)

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