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Among the streets of Venice, invaded by high tide

Among the streets of Venice, invaded by high tide I hit the crowd I don't see - transparent indifferent. Wearing adamantine cloud boots transmigrated from a nonexistent sidewalk avoiding a puddle and a gondola made in China. (The shadow of loneliness follows me) In the shop windows the Murano glass, by the craftsman expertly blown they shout their helpless frailty - my own emotional. I pause absorbed, another me stealthy peeks out of an antique mirror. I look enthusiastic my heart reflected there, which I had never seen before I just kept it in my pocket. (The shadow of loneliness moves away) If I slipped on brackish pools it would shatter like crystal. I never realized how much vulnerable was that forgotten object in the old torn raincoat. (The shadow of loneliness recedes) I enter the shop and ask the craftsman: “Could you tell me the value of this ancient find of mine? In his view xèlo still bòn? " The craftsman smiles as he

Venice: Procuratie Vecchie

This factory surrounds the Piazza San Marco, on the side of the Clock Tower.  There are no precise data on its time of foundation, nor is it known who was the first architect, whose name remains invaded to the glory of his evident merit.  The very first idea came from the genius of Sebastiano Ziani, who began to put love on that site, buying the land from the nuns of San Zaccaria, and adorning the circuit of houses, with columns on the windows, in the shape of a runner, for which he turned from  all sides, and synchronous authors also narrate, that the recent mansions had the rooms pierced by arches and with loggias.  Having then ordered the Senate that the procurators live on the square, it became necessary to build a factory there for their continued residence.  Below, as we have from Gallicciolli's memoirs, precisely in 1365, Domenico Gaffaro, bishop of Cittanova, a rector of San Basso, made a contract with the procurators, for the exchange of the houses on the Piazz

Venice: The Doge's Palace has a myriad of treasures both inside and outside its walls.

The Doge's Palace has a myriad of treasures both inside and outside its walls.  An example are the Capitals of the columns on the ground floor of the Doge's Palace help the understanding of the Palace, as they are an iconography of Venetian power and how this power was seen and shown to the Venetian people.  The main consideration is that the whole palace had to be a symbol, located as it is as a lucky gateway to the city, in which the rulers sat and important decisions were taken and justice was also imparted.  As you can see on the facade towards the San Marco Basin, Justice is located at the top of the central balcony, well above the power of the Church, in this case personified by the Madonna and Child, but also above the balcony from which the members of the  Greater Advice.  The external part therefore also had to have a representation that could be easily interpreted by the population.  On the corner near the Porta della Carta, also the entrance of the judges

Venice and high water

City of Venice  Venice and high water  High water is an ordinary and passing natural phenomenon, which has always been part of the life of Venetians.  Normally, tidal events have a very short duration.  For example, in the event that the tide reaches a maximum value of 120 centimeters, the event ends on average in less than an hour and a half.  Even when there is high water, it is possible to reach the main places of the city thanks to the pedestrian paths - partly on footbridges - practicable up to a tide of 120 centimeters.  The navigation public transport service, while modifying some sections when the tide exceeds 95 centimeters, is still guaranteed except for exceptional tide phenomena.  To be informed in real time on the tide level in Venice, follow the daily forecasts of the Tide Center of the City of Venice.  would like to receive your feedback.  Post a review and vote on our profile. Who finds a fri

The National Archaeological Museum of Venice.

The National Archaeological Museum of Venice is located on the wing of the Correr Museum and the Marciana Library.  Located in St. Mark's Square, it houses an important collection of ancient sculptures, including some notable Greek originals;  there are also ceramics, bronzes, gems and coins, as well as the archaeological collection left in deposit by the Correr Civic Museum, which also includes some Egyptian and Assyrian-Babylonian antiquities.  Due to its very formation, it has a strong collecting character, made up of the works collected since the sixteenth century by important Venetian families.  would like to receive your feedback.  Post a review and vote on our profile. Who finds a friend, finds a treasure! Go to the Summer 2021 page and find out how:

Venice The Opera Museum

The Opera Museum  The Opera, also called the factory or prosecutor's office, was formerly a kind of technical office in charge of the maintenance of the building and the management of the countless reforms and renovations it underwent throughout its long history.  The Opera kept documents and vestiges of its business.  One of the most important restoration plans of modern times was launched starting from 1875, and involved both the facades of the building and the ancient capitals of the ground porch and the loggia: 42 of these capitals, particularly ancient, precious or fragile, were then replaced  from copies.  The originals, deposited in the palace, were later subjected, during the last decade of the 1900s, to a careful restoration work, while the Opera Museum was designed and set up on the ground floor, intended to collect these and other  important architectural vestiges of the Palace.  The Capitals of the Opera Museum are a precious and important part of the extrao

History of gondola rides in Venice Gondola rides in Venice.

 History of gondola rides in Venice  Gondola rides in Venice.   The origins of the gondola  The true origins of gondolas are shrouded in mystery.  Italy, Turkey, Greece and Malta claim that the gondola was invented within their borders.  Historians trace the first accounts of these boats to 1094, when Vitale Faliero, the Doge of Venice, mentioned a Gondolum in a letter to the people.  To avoid a revolt, he "donated" gondola-like boats to the people and said they would help facilitate their travel around the city.  The first visual representation of a gondola dates back to 1400 by the famous artists Carpaccio and Bellini in paintings preserved to this day.  Only from the fifteenth and sixteenth century gondolas were built and used for navigation in Venice.  In this period the gondolas had a different appearance from the present one.  Used mainly by the ruling class of the city, the gondolas had to flaunt the owner's wealth with luxury ornaments.  In the 16th ce

Holidays in Fermano

The area of ​​the Fermo area is the one that best represents the main characteristic of the Marche region.  Just think of the slogan chosen by the region for tourism promotion: "The Marches: Italy in a region", taken from the book by the writer Guido Piovene. The Fermano area covers an area of ​​about 1,000 km² and welcomes 190,000 inhabitants.  It is characterized by the long Adriatic coast and rivers, the Chienti to the north, the Aso to the south, and to the west it is bordered by the chain of the Sibillini Mountains, which, thanks to the varied presence of flora and fauna, in 1993 the Park was established.  National. Well circumscribed, but with a strong sense of belonging, the Fermo area has a developed identity, due to a socio-economic fabric with a high craftsmanship vocation of various representatives of small shoe business districts. From the agricultural sharecropping reality to the family-run artisan workshop, since the 1960s a system of highly speci

Venice Tour in Gondola

There is no traveler who does not let himself be enchanted by the magic of Venetian gondolas, which with their unmistakable silhouettes creep through the canals of the city, cloaking every single glimpse of romance.  These boats represent an essential element of Venetian scenarios but there are things that perhaps not everyone knows about the symbol par excellence of the Serenissima, such as the complexity of their construction, the ancient techniques of construction, the uniqueness of each specimen and the symbolism that contain some  of its components.  Here, then, is what there is to know about what many consider to be the most romantic and fascinating boats on the planet.  THE TRADITION Their irresistible charm and the romanticism evoked by their sinuous shapes that roam the canals of the Serenissima have traveled the world and are one of the major attractions of the magnificent Venetian capital.  But besides being incredibly beautiful and romantic, Venetian gondolas ha

Venice Ponte dei Sospiri

Who, while visiting Venice, has never taken a photo with the Bridge of Sighs in the background?  Or did he pass under it in a gondola, during a romantic journey through the canals in the company of his loved one?  It is one of the symbols of the lagoon city, it is considered the bridge of love, but it hides secrets and curiosities that perhaps not everyone knows.  The Bridge of Sighs can be admired in all its beauty from the nearby Ponte della Paglia, in Riva degli Schiavoni, not far from Piazza San Marco.  What for many is Venice's Bridge of Lovers, was originally an access ramp from the magistrates' halls to the Palazzo delle Prison, where the recently convicted and convicted inmates were transported.  What is the history of the bridge, and what are the legends about it still being told today?

Venice Discover canals

Observe scenes of everyday life as you cruise through the less touristy districts of Cannaregio, Dorsoduro and the Jewish Ghetto.  Your guide will tell facts about the city's history, architecture and local legends.  For the grand finale, walk the wide Grand Canal and cruise under the world-famous Rialto Bridge.  This small-group tour has a maximum of 9 people to offer a more personalized experience.  Explore the waterways of charming Venetian neighborhoods such as Cannaregio, the Jewish Ghetto and Dorsoduro  Discover canals off the tourist trail and sights like the Arsenale and the Rialto Bridge  See artisans at work in a Dorsoduro gondola workshop and stop for photos at the Jewish Ghetto. 

The canal is an essential element of the waterways of Venice and its lagoon.

The term canal is used in the historic center to indicate the waterways which, due to their width, length and density of sustained traffic, constitute the real backbones of the navigation system inside the city.  They are:  the Grand Canal, which crosses the whole heart of the city from west to east separating it in two and ends in the San Marco Basin;  the Cannaregio Canal, which joins the initial part of the Grand Canal with the northern part of the lagoon in the direction of Mestre;  the Giudecca Canal, which connects the western part of the city to the south directly with the San Marco Basin;  the Scomenzera Canal, which directly joins the Giudecca Canal with the initial part of the Grand Canal in Santa Chiara, passing between the Stazione Marittima and the Santa Marta area.  Outside the urban context, the term canal is used to specifically name the natural navigable lagoon paths that surround the city or that connect it to the mainland or to the inlets, the main canals


A sunset on the hill by Gianfranco Aurilio I ran after the sun along the river, where the flowers are reflected in the morning wetting the petals in water colored with light, unfolding the stems to the wind, like sails on the sea. I ran after him among blades of grass that touch the sky, between voices and perfumes of green meadows in spring. Under the branches of lime trees over hidden dens beside prickly brambles inside you were hidden beyond the pond behind the bridge near frightened foxes away from curious hawks I ran after the sun without stopping to see it disappear slowly before me on the hill.

I ran after the sun

I ran after the sun  along the river,  where the flowers are reflected in the morning  wetting the petals  in water  colored with light,  unfolding the stems  to the wind,  like sails on the sea.  I ran after him among blades of grass  that touch the sky,  between voices and perfumes  of green meadows  in spring.  Under the branches of the lime trees  over hidden dens  beside prickly brambles  inside you were hidden  beyond the pond  behind the bridge  near frightened foxes  away from curious hawks  I ran after the sun  without stopping  to see it disappear  slowly  before me  on the hill.

A sunset on the hill

A sunset on the hill by Gianfranco Aurilio I ran after the sun along the river, where the flowers are reflected in the morning wetting the petals in water colored with light, unfolding the stems to the wind, like sails on the sea. I ran after him among blades of grass that touch the sky, between voices and perfumes of green meadows in spring. Under the branches of lime trees over hidden dens beside prickly brambles inside you were hidden beyond the pond behind the bridge near frightened foxes away from curious hawks I ran after the sun without stopping to see it disappear slowly before me on the hill.

The Wave

The wave of Gabriele D'Annunzio In the quiet cove spark, scale intesto like the ancient lorica of the cataphract, the sea. It seems to fade. Silver?  gets dark? Suddenly as a blow to unravel the weapon, the strength the wind affects it. It doesn't last. The sluggish wave is born, immediately falls flat. The wind picks up. Another wave is born, gets lost, like a lamb that grazes pel green: a bow of foam that leaps! But the wind comes back, reinforces, redounds. Another wave rises, in his birth more lene what a virginal belly! Palpitates, salt, swells, bends, alums, inclines. The broad back shines like crystal; the light top gets ruffled as a mane horse nivea. The wind undermines it. The wave breaks, falls into the cable of the sound sulcus; it froths, it whitens blossoms, smells, overwhelms the heart, it draws the seaweed and the olive; stretches, rolls, gallops; hitch

The "light bora"

The "light bora" is accompanied by stable, dry and sunny weather conditions, with clear air and excellent visibility resulting from the gusts of fall that sweep away all the persistent impurities in the lower layers.  This type of bura is activated when a solid anticyclonic promontory, well structured even at high altitude, settles with its maximum barics over central Europe, between Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and the countries of the central-eastern European sector (prevalent  anticyclonic curvature over northern Italy), while a depression area is located on the southern Italian seas or on the lower part of the central Mediterranean. #wind #nature #sea #photography #sky #waves #love #beach #sun #clouds #windsurfing #summer #surf #water #kitesurfing #windy #rain #travel #windsurf #sunset #storm #sailing #ocean #landscape #kiteboarding #naturephotography #weather #kitesurf #kite #bhfyp

The stormy sea beyond the horizon

 The sea is the mind of the sky, cherubs are the eyes of the sea, the ethereal does not think acts and only the fluid sense of water assigns invisible neurons to the power of the stone forges. Dusky silent, cheerful turquoise, combines with rapid electric discharges majestic and deep thoughts furrowed by ships laden with phantom destinies where only in the sparkling forests of water can their occupants finally be at home. The sea is the mind of the sky, cherubs are the eyes of the sea ... every branch born on this earth is the result of the dream of a wave that has now disappeared. POEM BY Raniero Cappelli

Stones in the sea

FERNANDO PESSOA SOMETIMES Sometimes on the beach I throw stones in the sea and from my vain gesture I gain a taste for wandering, a taste of Empire left by whom he could center his kingdom but he left everything for pleasure alone to see through the sky and the day. #sunny #sky #sun #italy #nature #instagood #sky #beautiful #photooftheday #travel #ideagb #sea #sunnyday #sunshine #picoftheday #photography #fun #beach #redsky #italia #bluesky #itravelinitaly_com #happy #holiday #clearsky #warm #amazing #landscape #season #weather

If you can

If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too: If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about, don't deal in lies, Or being hated, don't give way to hating, And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise; If you can

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