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Phrases, quotes and aphorisms about the winter sea.

 I like the sea in winter.  He puts in the waves, I put in the thoughts.  (Fabrizio Caramagna)  Lying on the sand of the winter sea, opening your hands to the sun and letting your identity evaporate.  (Fabrizio Caramagna)  The sea in winter has a magic that summer will never understand.  (lucastadiva, Twitter)  I like the sea in winter because it is for a few.  (ilCinzio, Twitter)  There are parts of me that exist only when the wind blows from the west and the sea is stormy and the clouds run fast in a sky full of wonder and strange colors.  (Fabrizio Caramagna) #beach #sea #nature #summer #italy #travel #photooftheday #sun #love #beautiful #instagood #photography #sunset #picoftheday #landscape #sky #travelphotography #holiday #italia #instagram #travelgram #vacation #photo #mare #amazing #blue #clouds #instatravel #playa #trip


MY SOUL HAS HURRY "I counted my years and found that I have less time to live from now on than I have lived up to now ... I feel like that child to whom they give a package of sweets: the first he eats them with pleasure, but when she realizes that he has few left, he begins to enjoy them intensely. I no longer have time for interminable meetings, in which statutes, laws, procedures and internal regulations are discussed, knowing that in the end nothing will be achieved. I no longer have time to put up with absurd people who, apart from their age, have not grown up in any other respect. I have no more time to waste on nonsense. I don't want to attend meetings where only inflated "Egos" parade. Now I can't stand manipulators, careerists, nor profiteers. I am disturbed by the envious, who try to discredit the most capable, to appropriate their talent and their results. I hate, if I am a witness, the effects that the struggle for an important of

Local beach

The Marche is the only region declined in the plural of Italy: the local beaches on the Adriatic coast are all beautiful and inviting, but they maintain a certain difference between them as if to underline the plurality of the name of the area that hosts them. Each lido in the Marche is unique and at the same time perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment. 


THE SKY ABOVE THE SIBILLINI MOUNTAINS Since ancient times, the Sibillini Mountains have been considered of considerable importance for observing the sky and this thanks to the distance from the artificial light sources of the inhabited centers and the width of the observable sky. The mountain massif is part of the national park of the same name, a real protected natural area that extends between the Marche and Umbria regions and is divided into four provinces: Ascoli Piceno, Fermo, Macerata and Perugia. #mountains #nature #italy #landscape #travel #naturephotography #photography #sky #photooftheday #hiking #mountain #picoftheday #italia #travelphotography #naturelovers #love #instagood #summer #view #dolomites #beautiful #landscapephotography #dolomiti #adventure #trekking #lake #sunset #clouds #alps #photo BY @GIUSEPPEBALDASSARRI 


"Existence is not an eternal galloping among the brambles but a silent sway between hope and daze, between frenzied wakefulness and stillness ... Sometimes they will say that your sensitivity is wasted time, but you will soon understand that it is a wonderful gift, to be held tenaciously to the  center of the heart, a special gift that illuminates the forehead, and the look, of amazement, and gives you the opportunity to look at life perceiving its enchantment in stubbornly looking out onto the eternal of a small flower, along the ... despite the knees  broken your wings will still take flight and you will cling strongly to a slice of light above your head.  You will write verses, you will rise like a sun hidden among clouds of salt, and love will be light and dark, sublime torment, capable of lifting you up to heaven, of flowing into your heart, becoming hope.  And you will discover that the joy of life is in waiting, in the fluctuating game of chiaroscuro, in the un


Because at sunrise and sunset, longer wavelengths are seen first, namely the red and orange ones. Going into more detail, this phenomenon lies in the theories that Lord Rayleigh, a British physicist, expounded at the end of the 19th century. #sunny #sky #sun #italy #nature #instagood #sky #beautiful #photooftheday #travel #ideagb #sea #sunnyday #sunshine #picoftheday #photography #fun #beach #redsky #italia #bluesky #itravelinitaly_com #happy #holiday #clearsky #warm #amazing #landscape #season #weather

Hills and mountains

The landscapes full of light and poetry, the ancient villages of the province of Ascoli and Fermo - Offida, Monterubbiano, Castignano Altidona, Altidona Lapedona, and Moresco, ma Torre di Palme, che Capodarco, Castignano, Borgo Marano Cupra Marittima Alta, Ripatransone, Castorano, the hills and mountains ideal for cycling. #colline #italy #landscape #hills #italia #nature #natura #volgoitalia #panorama #snapshot #sky #paesaggio #sunset #naturephotography #castle #green #photography #tramonto #picoftheday #landscapephotography #campagna #marche #cielo #travel #wine #igersitalia #volgomarche #nuvole #clouds #verde @giuseppebaldassarri 

Nothing else matters

So close, no matter how far Couldn't be much more from the heart Forever trusting who we are And nothing else matters Never opened myself this way Life is ours, we live it our way All these words, I don't just say And nothing else matters Trust I seek and I find in you Every day for us something new Open mind for a different view And nothing else matters Never cared for what they do Never cared for what they know But I know So close, no matter how far It couldn't be much more from the heart Forever trusting who we are And nothing else matters Never cared for what they do Never cared for what they know But I know I never opened myself this way Life is ours, we live it our way All these words, I don't just say And nothing else matters Trust I seek and I find in you Every day for us something new Open mind for a different view And nothing else matters Never cared for what they say Never cared for games they play Never cared for what they do

Liguria Tour

By Johnk996, CC BY 3.0 , Link The Cinque Terre are ancient fishing villages located along the rugged Italian coast. Each of these villages is characterized by colorful houses and vineyards clinging to the steep terraces created on the coast. The ports are crowded with fishing boats and in the typical trattorias it is possible to try seafood specialties, as well as the famous Ligurian seasoning: pesto. The Blue Path, a hiking path that extends along the coast, connects the Cinque Terre with each other and offers splendid views of the sea. Article By: Baldassarri Giuseppe Visual Storytelling License How to use my images Description The charm of Liguria is unique. On one side this region overlooks a shining sea and on the other is surrounded by mountains. The inhabitants of the region were the first to exploit the particular physical conformation, creating terraces, to be used for crops, where nature seemed to have left little space

Moresco is a small castle village.

63826, Moresco, Province of Fermo, Italy. By Photo Baldassarri Giuseppe Visual Storytelling Photographed in Moresco, Province of Fermo, Italy. Date uploaded: Ap 30, 2020 Moresco is a small castle village in the province of Fermo; it is located on a panoramic relief of 405 meters high. The historic center of Moresco has the structure of the ancient castle it was; triangular in shape, completely surrounded by walls with the imposing 12th century Heptagonal Tower at the top. There is a second tower, called dell 'Orologio, which overlooks the old access door to the castle. Moresco Moresco, Province of Fermo, Italy. A beautifully location. Click here for a map. Do you have  a review, a comment, a question, or a suggestion?   Look at the bottom  left and fill in the form below with  your feedback  ...  I travel to Italy and you?  Last shots and stories for index,  continue here . Photo | Travel, and travelers in Italy

Visit Attractions in Florence, Firenze.

FLORENCE UFFIZI CATHEDRAL TUSCANY ITALY The Must-Visit Attractions in Florence, Italy, Basilica di San Lorenzo Church, Da Vinci Museum, Galileo Museum, National Museum of Bargello, Boboli Gardens Park, Michelangelo's David Museum, Santa Maria del Fiore (Duomo) Cathedral, Palazzo Vecchio, Uffizi Gallery. The Tuscan capital has no equivalent; scour the land and you won’t find anywhere quite like it. While its history spans millennia, a well-planned visit reveals that the inner circle of its rulers, writers, and architects was so small and exclusive that their names are synonymous with the city. From palaces, churches and gardens to ateliers and bell towers, there is plenty to explore in the city of the Italian masters. To make the most out of your trip, be sure to include these must-visit sights. FLORENCE Cradle of the Renaissance and Italian culture on the banks of the Arno. Florence, Italy Museums and Uffizi Gallery Tour. Maximizing your vacation means planning ahead. Week

Italian Festivals and Events in Italy.

Italian Festivals and Events Photo and Gallery Copyright By Baldassarri Giuseppe Travel is the traveler in Italy Italian Festivals and Events . Traditions of Italy are some set of traditions, beliefs, values, and customs that belongs within the culture of Italian people. These traditions have influenced life in Italy for centuries, and are still practiced in our modern days. Italian traditions are directly connected to Italian's ancestors, which tells us even more about Italian history. Italians love to come together and celebrate. Over the centuries, Italy’s festivals have become famous the world over for their scale and eccentricity. Whether you’re a food lover, a fan of the sport or just up for some silliness, you’ll want to experience these festivals on your travels. Fair of Sant’Orso, Aosta Valley, January Aosta is the capital of the Valle d’Aosta region. Every year on January 30 and 31, hundreds of craftspeople from across the Aosta Valley gath

Florence visit to Uffizi Gallery and Accademia! 10%DISCOUNT ALERT!

Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy.  Incredibly low airfares to Italy are making a visit here simply irresistible. This is the best time of the year to plan your visit to our treasured cities – the time when everyone is dreaming about the Italian charm.  For this reason, our experts recommend you to add "the Combo package Uffizi Gallery and Accademia Gallery" to your wishlist. Whit one reservation you'll book a visit for both museums on the same date saving 10%! We suggest you to prepurchase your tickets also for the other top attractions: the Medici Chapels, Pitti Palace and the Boboli Gardens (you won't want to miss the spring bloom!) They are all expected to be crowded.

Friuli Venezia Giulia Italy

Friuli Venezia Giulia Italy By Davide Cappelli, CC BY-SA 3.0 , Link Friuli Venezia Giulia Italy. The mountain sceneries of the Eastern Dolomites are truly spectacular: the Carnia and the Julian Alps , in addition to the lakes, valleys and protected areas. From its boundary with Veneto up to Monfalcone, the coast is trimmed with lagoons and has long sandy beaches, with several tourist resorts like famous Lignano Sabbiadoro . The coast is rocky, rather, from Monfalcone to Trieste . The great variety of landscapes matches the rich and variegated cultural heritage that was determined by a complex history and by the confluence of different civilizations in this territory. For this reason, Friuli Venezia Giulia looks like a small universe with many different traditions: it is the “land of contrasts”. The provinces of the region are Trieste (regional capital), Gorizia, Pordenone, Udine . One of the most glimmering jewels of the region is the ancient town of Aquileia , one of th


Castelfidardo Photo and Gallery © By Baldassarri Giuseppe travelers from Italy Castelfidardo, Province of Ancona, Marche, Italy. The main square of the city is Piazza della Repubblica where the town hall and the collegiate church of Santo Stefano with adjoining crypt overlook. Inside there is also an organ built by Gaetano Callido in the 1777s. Since 1992 flanked by a modern organ built by M. Alessandro Girotto. The town hall also houses the international accordion museum. Among the most important squares of Castelfidardo also Piazzale Don Minzoni, commonly called Porta Marina is the balcony of the city that overlooks the Adriatic Sea. Characteristic is the famous arch, one of the main access roads to the city and the underlying pavement recently brought to light. To visit there is also: the old aqueduct in Piazza Garibaldi, the national monument of the Marche, in memory of the battle of Castelfidardo by the Venetian sculptor Vito Pardo. 

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