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Buying home in Italy

Domus: A Journey into Italy's Most Creative Interiors The Americans who bought a house in Italy How many of us have been sitting at home, seen a dreamy picture of a foreign country, and started planning our life there? That'd be a lot. But how many of us have actually gone ahead, bought a property and planned that future life -- without setting foot in the location?I  Read more Buying a Home in Italy: A Survival Handbook (Buying a Home) "Buying a Home in Italy" is essential reading for anyone planning to buy property in Italy, and is designed to guide you through the property maze and save you time, trouble and money. Most importantly, it is packed with vital information to help you avoid disasters that can turn your dream home into a nightmare! Since it was first published in 1999, "Buying a Home in Italy" has been the best-selling and most comprehensive book about buying property in Italy. It contains up to twice as much information as similar bo

Explore Italy: Travel Inspiration Ideas

Explore Italy: Travel Inspiration Ideas I T R A V E L in I T A L Y .COM About:  A story leaked from a photo. The mission is to create emotional density and meaning around an initiative, a place. The sense of beauty and the spirit that enlivens every place inhabited by man as guides for a fuller and more meaningful existence. Places have a soul. Our job is to find out.A photograph remains impressed, imbued with memories or still to be lived. Giuseppe Balsassarri Welcome to Italy Travel is the traveler in Italy proposes with snapshots of the places, Slow tourism as a travel philosophy, looking at the most authentic side of a destination from the experience of a traveler. Home to many of the world's greatest works of art, architecture and gastronomy, Italy elates, inspires and moves like no other.  would like to receive your feedback.  Italy Post a review on our profile. Review

Naples Italy Food Tour

Naples Italy | 24 Hour Food Tour Euro Trotter, Mark Felice, is hitting the streets of Naples Italy for a 24 hour food tour. From espresso and pastry to street food and seafood, pasta and craft beer, the food scene in Naples is hard core delicious. Step into history and bring your appetite, by the end of this food fest we'll have you saying...Mamma Mia. Welcome to Naples. Starring Mark Felice Genres Special Interest Subtitles English [CC] Audio Languages English Welcome to Italy Travel is the traveler in Italy proposes with snapshots of the places, Slow tourism as a travel philosophy, looking at the most authentic side of a destination from the experience of a traveler. Home to many of the world's greatest works of art, architecture and gastronomy, Italy elates, inspires and moves like no other.  would like to receive your feedback.  Italy Post a review on our profile. Review

Superb Landscape

        In Italy there is no more superb landscape and panorama. in Italy there is no more superb landscape and panorama.  Imagine tens and tens of kilometers of jagged cliffs with caves, stacks, overhangs and soft beaches in front of the most spectacular of the seas, now wide open and open, now closed in bays as small as docks.  would like to receive your feedback.  Italy Post a review on our profile. Review

Italy: Green light to skiing from February 15th but only in the yellow zone.

Italy: Green light to skiing from February 15th but only in the yellow zone. @itravelinitaly_com Green light to skiing from February 15th but only in the yellow zone, lifts closed in the orange and red regions.  This is what the Technical Scientific Committee allowed - according to what is learned - at the end of the meeting during which the protocol developed by the Regions last January 28 was examined.  Now it will be up to the Government to accept the opinion of the CTS and give the definitive go-ahead, a step that will most likely already be recorded at the weekend: "The ski season will be able to resume, in the yellow regions, on February 15. Finally, a positive signal, let's go  towards a possible normality and recovery. The tourism sector can restart ".  This was stated by Marco Bussone, National President of Uncem, Union of Municipalities, Communities and Mountain Bodies.  "We are waiting to see the documents of the CTS but we ha

Riva degli Schiavoni

The Riva degli Schiavoni is a monumental bank of the city of Venice.  It is located in the Castello district and extends along the San Marco basin in the stretch that goes from the Ponte della Paglia over the Rio di Palazzo, close to the Palazzo Ducale up to the Rio di Ca 'di Dio. The shore takes its name from the merchants from Dalmatia (which at the time of the Republic of Venice was also called "Slavonia" or "Schiavonia") who landed here with their merchant ships to exhibit their trade stands.  The shore was in fact an integral part of the commercial port of Venice and was of great importance thanks to its proximity to Piazza San Marco and the center of Venetian political power. The shore was probably started already in the ninth century and had a first expansion in 1060 with the drying up of a marshy area.  The shore was originally much narrower than the current one, being a little wider than the Ponte della Paglia, as can also be seen from t

Venezia the bell tower of San Marco

The bell tower of San Marco is a mighty tower with a square plan, about 99 meters high including the crowning cusp, formerly a lighthouse for sailors, prototype of all the bell towers in the lagoon.  It was built for the first time in the 12th century on the site of a probable watch tower and rebuilt in its present form at the beginning of the 16th century with the addition of a belfry with a cusp covered in copper and surmounted by a kind of revolving platform on  where the statue of the Archangel Gabriel is placed, with the function of indicating the direction of the winds.  Of the five original bells, only the largest remains.  The others, now replaced, were destroyed in the collapse of the bell tower in 1902.  From the bell loggia you can see the wonderful panorama of the city and the lagoon from above.  Leaning against the base of the bell tower is the loggia that Jacopo Sansovino built between 1537 and 1549, adorning it with marble and bronze. #venice #italy #travel #

From the Sibiliini to the Adriatic Sea.

In the initial part, the river runs between the characteristic mountain hamlets of Montemonaco, once it arrives in Comunanza, the river opens to the flat spaces of the middle and lower course and makes one of the richest agricultural areas of the Adriatic side fertile.  The area is rich in horticultural plants and cultures specialized above all in vegetables and fruit, typical and delicious are peaches. Against the backdrop of the Sibillini mountains, steep hills open on both sides that offer the visitor, in the changing seasons, an extraordinary landscape of changing colors. .. #mareadriatico #mare #marche #adriaticsea #sea #italia #italy #estate #adriatico #pescefresco #abruzzo #veneto #venezia #puglia #emiliaromagna #chioggia #ig #pescato #mercatoitticochioggia #ittico #mercatoittico #prodottiittici #spiaggia #clickfor #prodottiitticifreschi #volgomarche #settoreittico #chioggiasottomarina #cartoline #bhfyp #rivieradelconero #visitveneto #marchetourism #mercatodelpesce #romagnamia

ITALY is beautiful in autumn.

ITALY is beautiful in autumn. ITALY is beautiful in autumn.  You can walk along paths that have the scent of mushrooms and brooms, listen to the voices of the wind calling from the hills bordered by cypresses and firs, fish for eels in the ravines where the stream rolls over the slippery stones of borraccina, go hunting for hares  and pheasants in the patches of red heather, and it's harvest time, the grapes swell violet among the dense vine leaves, the figs hang sweetly from the branches that quiver with finches and larks, in the woods the leaves light up with yellow and  orange burning the monotone green of summer. #cipressi #toscana #valdorcia #italy #tuscany #landscape #travel #igersitalia #nature #italia #igerstoscana #sanquiricodorcia #ig_italia #volgotoscana #pienza #siena #skyporn #photography #natura #poggiocovili #italianlandscapes #photooftheday #travelphotography #sky #landscapephotography #panorama #instatuscany #volgoitalia #volgom

Sidewalk from altidona to pedaso

 "Existence is not an eternal galloping among the brambles but a silent sway between hope and daze, between frenzied wakefulness and stillness ... Sometimes they will say that your sensitivity is wasted time, but you will soon understand that it is a wonderful gift, to be held tenaciously to the  center of the heart, a special gift that illuminates the forehead, and the look, of amazement, and gives you the opportunity to look at life perceiving its enchantment in stubbornly looking out onto the eternal of a small flower, along the ... despite the knees  broken your wings will still take flight and you will cling strongly to a slice of light above your head.  You will write verses, you will rise like a sun hidden among clouds of salt, and love will be light and dark, sublime torment, capable of lifting you up to heaven, of flowing into your heart, becoming hope.  And you will discover that the joy of life is in waiting, in the fluctuating game of chiaroscuro, in the unraveling and

Hills of the Marche Region are a watercolor drawing.

Sitting in the shade, on a beautiful day, and looking up at the lush green hills, is the best rest. (Jane Austen) Climb a hill at sunset. Everyone needs a perspective from time to time and you will find it there. (Rob Sagendorph) All I wanted was just a hill to lay down on. (William Faulkner) In my room, the world is beyond my comprehension, but when I walk I see that it consists of three or four hills and a cloud. (Wallace Stevens) I grew up in this city, my poetry was born between the hill and the river, it took its voice from the rain, and like wood, it is itself part of the forests. (Pablo Neruda) The hills are humble. Not very high, rounded by time and by the sweet profile, they do not inspire respect and awe of the mountains. They were born to indulge us, to give us vineyards and cultivated fields, viewpoints and panoramas, houses and gardens full of greenery and silence in the evening. (Fabrizio Caramagna) She belonged to the hills now, and the hills would have hidden her.

Dawn in Porto San Giorgio

You can also wake up very early at dawn, but your destiny woke up half an hour before you.  (African proverb)  And they came to visit us at the first light of the morning as if they were the first words of a love story.  (Emily Dickinson)  There is a moment in each dawn when the light is suspended;  a magical moment where anything can happen.  Creation holds its breath.  (Douglas Adams) Photo by Enrico  #alba #sunrise #italy #sun #sky #italia #nature #mare #landscape #picoftheday #sea #buongiorno #goodmorning #instagood #photography #photooftheday #sole #love #sunset #travel #summer #cielo #clouds #igersitalia #beautiful #nofilter #natura #sardegna #morning #instagram, sto usando @tagsfinder_com ( 

The fishing boat in Marina di Altidona

"She didn't say it out loud because she knew that when you tell her, good things don't happen."  ERNEST HEMINGWAY  “He looked at the sea and realized how lonely he was now. But he saw the prisms in the deep dark water, and the line stretched forward and the strange undulation of the calm. The clouds were now forming under the trade wind and looking ahead, he saw a herd of wild ducks silhouetted against the water, then fogged up, then silhouetted again, and he realized that no one was ever alone on the sea. "  ERNEST HEMINGWAY

Light in Spiaggia dei Fachiri

It is in our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. Aristotle Onassis #light #photooftheday #italy #nature #marinadialtidona #photography #sky #beautiful #sun #night #sunset #instagood #picoftheday #travel #summer #beauty #clouds #photo #blue #landscape #art #beach #day #green #tree #weather #sea #sunrise #italia #red, sto usando @tagsfinder_com ( 📸 BY @GIUSEPPEBALDASSARRI

Italy in the mirror

Italy in the mirror The sun that, at sunset, is reflected on the sea, setting the sky a fire red and then disappears swallowed by the mountains while, in the West, the Evening Star appears, under the full moon, and all the stars lower to caress  the horizon is a symphony. PHOTO By 📸 @giuseppebaldassarri  #italy #instagood #love #travel #photooftheday #picoftheday #italia #photography #nature #beautiful #summer #instagram #fashion #instalike #photo #milano #followme #rome #me #art #roma #like4like #sea #style #sun #travelphotography #igersitalia #landscape #amazing #igers, sto usando @tagsfinder_com

Walking among the colors

I walk, the earth turns. The sun comes and goes at the right time, the breath goes in and out of the lungs, the city flows around me and higher up, slowly, the clouds pass. The secret is not to concentrate, but to let thoughts arise without chasing them away, knowing that they will immediately go away and others and more will be born. After a while, the mind no longer pays attention to it and begins to notice the details: grass, faces, fountains. In the next step, I try to accommodate only the color variations. Since the colors are many, and all mixed together, I face them one at a time. It happens that he goes out of the house in search of gray, and that his gaze is lost on the walls of castles, among the shades of asphalt, in the lines of the rain or in certain tired faces. Photo by @giuseppebaldassarri  #wanderlust #travel #italy #travelgram #travelphotography #instatravel #photooftheday #photography #picoftheday #instagood #travelblogger #nature #love #landscape #italia #vacation

Val Camonica

Ponte di Legno is a pretty village in Val Camonica, surrounded by green meadows, woods and spectacular mountains as a frame.  Discover its most beautiful monuments. By 📸 @ilaria_cappadocia #adamello #mountains #nature #landscape #alps #rifugiogaribaldi #trekking #italy #mountain #hiking #pontedilegno #trentino #picoftheday #parcoadamellobrenta #trentinoaltoadige #valcamonica #snow #dolomiti #vallecamonica #montagna #photooftheday #travel #rifugilombardia #pontedilegnotonale #sky #lombardia #climbing #glacier #trentinodascoprire #italia, sto usando @tagsfinder_com ( 

Marina di Altidona in September

The gray of the sky is just another maturity exam for the imagination. By 📸 @giuseppebaldassarri #imagination #art #love #creativity #artist #creative #drawing #inspiration #photography #artwork #illustration #instagram #life #nature #design #painting #imagine #digitalart #instagood #sketch #play #fantasy #artistsoninstagram #fun #motivation #photooftheday #create #kids #dream #bhfyp


Pavia Medieval streets, a spectacular Duomo and the Visconteo Castle: what to see in Pavia, a city on a human scale to be discovered slowly. By 📸 @elena_baldassarri #pavia #italy #milano #lombardia #italia #instagood #picoftheday #bergamo #cremona #lodi #como #igerspavia #photooftheday #monza #love #piacenza #volgopavia #photography #paviacity #landscape #volgolombardia #ig_italia #brescia #photo #travel #igersitalia #torino #igerslombardia #lecco #varese, sto usando @tagsfinder_com ( Stradine medioevali, un Duomo spettacolare e il Castello Visconteo: cosa vedere a Pavia, una città a misura d'uomo da scoprire con lentezza.

Moonlight in Marina di Altidona

Moonlight in Marina di Altidona Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars. 📸 By @verarychkova #moonlight #moon #night #fullmoon #photography #love #nature #photooftheday #sky #nightsky #nightphotography #art #instagood #goodnight #naturephotography #stars #sunset #luna #space #beautiful #nighttime #xxxtentacion #photo #dark #moonlovers #astrophotography #longexposure #beach #travel #clouds, I'm using @tagsfinder_com ( 
Top destination and tourism in Italy


Inspirations for trips to Italy  > History  > Cultural  > Wine > Ecotourism > Rural  > Food  > Fashion  > Art   > Romance  > Walking   > Villages BORGHI  > Seaside   >
Italy: the most beautiful country in the world.
Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Italy, 1 Colosseum Rome, 2 Venice Canals, 3 Pompeii, 4 Leaning Tower of Pisa, 5 Lake Como, 6 Amalfi Coast, 7 Florence Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore, 8 Cinque Terre. We are in Italy and we know that we have one of the most visited countries in the world under our feet. Click here for a map.

©  I T R A V E L in I T A L Y .COM proposes slow tourism as a travel philosophy, looking at the most authentic side of a destination from the experience of a traveler.


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Do you prefer northern, central or southern Italy for your holidays?

We are in Italy and we know that we have one of the most visited countries in the world under our feet, a unique country, rich in history, culture, natural resources, and a consolidated artisan and gastronomic tradition. Where to go?
3 answers
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Northern Italy. The northern regions of Italy are full of spectacular mountain landscapes, while other areas, especially on the east coast, are flat at the entrance to the Adriatic Sea.
Central Italy Venerated vineyards, medieval cities on top of the hill and works of art praised by UNESCO: this journey embraces suggestive landscapes and villages.
Southern Italy it is the heat of the sun and the color of the landscapes, Italy in its most ancient form, full of feeling and sensual. Down here, the ruins are older, the longest lunches and the wildest and most intense landscapes.

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