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Arco del Diavolo di Porto San Giorgio > Arch of the devil.

I Travel in Italy introduce; Arco del Diavolo Porto San Giorgio @portosangiorgio Copyright All rights reserved © By travelers from Italy Photo OnGoogleMaps by Baldassarri Giuseppe. 
Arco del Diavolo, Via Cacciona, 63822 Porto San Giorgio FM, Italy. Arch of the devil of Porto San Giorgio gives access to the interior of the village. Legend has it, that after sunset, you can't cross the arch, as the devil himself usually shows up and frightens passers-by.

Arch of the Devil

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Arco del Diavolo, Via Cacciona, 63822, Porto San Giorgio, Province of Fermo, FM, Italy. Arch of the Devil, little is known about the "Del Diavolo" arch or door. It is located to the west of the fortress walls, and it seems to be an escape route that Girolamo Bonaparte seems to have closed, as it allowed almost direct access to his Villa. The approach of the Devil to the name of the arch seems to be due to one of the ancient popular legends of the city. In fact, it seems that anciently few had the courage to pass under the arch after sunset; it was said that at night the devil himself came out of that door and frightened those in the area. Arch of the Devil Porto San Giorgio Copyright All rights reserved © By travelers from Italy Photo by Baldassarri Giuseppe.

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