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There are sunsets that never set.

Photo from Pedaso The Marches is an Italian region in central Italy. I T R A V E L in I T A L Y .COM
I like sunsets full of light, those that break through from some hidden corner of the sky and crack the earth's axis, they are so spectacular. Those who remind you why you are alive. (Fabrizio Caramagna) Hold me by the hand at sunset, when the day fades and the darkness slips its curtain of stars. Hold it tight when I can't experience this imperfect world.  Hold my hand, take me where time does not exist. (Hermann Hesse) I'm not sure what I really want ... But, if the hours of the day were places, I would take home in a sunset. (Gabriela Pannia) There is nothing more musical than a sunset. (Claude Debussy) We still missed this sunset. No one saw us this evening with our hands intertwined as the blue night fell over the world (Pablo Neruda) When a sunrise or sunset no longer gives us emotions, it means that the soul is sick. (Roberto Gervaso) The sunset shone on the back of a bird. We saw it together.  We smiled. Your hand found itself in my hand. (Ghiannis Ritsos) Bring me the sunset in a cup count the amphorae in the morning the drops of dew. Tell me how far the morning comes - tell me what time the weaver goes to sleep that spun the vastness of blue! (Emily Dickinson) Today a sunset put two strings of light around my neck.  Then he pulled hard and, for the umpteenth time, struck me with beauty. (Fabrizio Caramagna) Sometimes that's enough for me imagine me give a thought colored red, at sunset. (Paul Irondie) I was just out for a walk, but in the end I decided to stay out until sunset, because going out, as I had discovered, actually meant going in. (John Muir) The light disappeared after sunset, in that darkness, I dream. (Ko Un) The shadow of my soul is on the run in a sunset of the alphabets. (Federico Garcia Lorca) A sunset is something romantic.  In fact, many movie scenes were shot in this magical moment of the day, thanks to the show it offers us.  The moment of sunset is also linked to a sense of metamorphosis: in life, sooner or later, everything ends.  For this reason, the sunsets have inspired many poets, artists but also writers and singers.  Here is a rich collection of sunset phrases to share and send to the people you love, but also to friends or colleagues. A red sunset that has turned pink and then blue, and knows nothing of our words, of our "oh, how beautiful", he doesn't even know that there is a sky, him. It just goes down. And nothing in the universe can do it as well as he does. (Fabrizio Caramagna) If I could go back, I would take very few things seriously in life. I would take more risks, take more trips, watch more sunsets. (Jorge Luis Borges) There is a serene hour in the day that could be defined as absence of noise, it is the serene hour of twilight. (Victor Hugo) Day and night are not meant to be together, and they have always been fighting and chasing each other, but when they stop and smile and touch each other for a moment, the most beautiful sunsets are born. (Fabrizio Caramagna) Leave me, or let me wash my soul in colors;  let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow. (Khalil Gibran) What a sensitivity the sun: blushing every night at the time of setting. (Fabrizio Caramagna) I am very fond of sunsets.  Come on, let's go watch a sunset. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) Climb a hill at sunset.  Everyone needs a perspective from time to time and you will find it there. (Rob Sagendorph) This is another soothing aspect of nature: its immense beauty is there for everyone.  Nobody can think of taking a sunrise or sunset home with them. (Tiziano Terzani) A beautiful sunset came in the west, so rapid and unexpected that it felt as if the sky was moving very fast. (Banana Yoshimoto) One day I saw the sun go down forty-three times! And later you added: "You know ... when you are very sad you love sunsets ..." "On the day of the forty-three times were you so sad?" But the little prince did not answer. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) The sunset is like a child who opens a pack of crayons and enjoys smearing God's face. (Fabrizio Caramagna) I make no difference between a book and a person, a sunset, a painting.  Everything I love I love with a single love. (Marina Tsvetaeva) Today at the end of the day The sunset laid its pearls on the fine black hair of the evening and I hid them like a cordless necklace inside the heart. (Rabindranath Tagore) Phrases about sunset: the most beautiful and exciting aphorisms Sunset: phrases, quotes and aphorisms about one of the most magical moments of the whole day.  Sunsets know how to give us magic and wonderful colors.  Sunsets at the sea, sunsets in the mountains or in the cities.  Every time the sun sets it gives a little magic to our eyes.  Below, you will find many beautiful sunset phrases and images with quotes and aphorisms about the sunset to share on your favorite social media, such as Facebook or Instagram but also on WhatsApp status. There are sunsets that you can not help but look at them and think that you have done many things wrong, but at least you have the colors you deserve. (Fabrizio Caramagna) Goals that are departures And a sunset that is like a morning. (Luciano Ligabue) Ask him at sunset if good things last forever, I'm sure he'll answer: no, but I, every night, dress in wonder all the same. (IlPhirlosopho, Twitter) Shouldn't I watch the sunset instead of writing? The barn on the swamp holds the splendor. The apples are red. And a solemn silence holds the air. (Virginia Woolf) Bring me back to the colors of that sunset where you too were with me. (ClaRosa7, Twitter) Sunsets can be extremely merciless with loners and too generous with lovers. (BelgranoNico, Twitter) There are sunsets that never set. (Massimo Bisotti) A sunset: as if the sky overturned a basket of butterflies stained with gold, egg yolks and burning glasses on the world. (Fabrizio Caramagna)

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