Phrases about the sunset by famous authors

 At that time, I was looking for sunsets, suburbs and unhappiness;  now I look for the mornings, the center and serenity.  (Jorge Luis Borges)
 What are you looking for, poet, in the sunset?  (Antonio Machado)
 It is impossible to explain human preferences.  Although built with absolutely identical materials, and both beautiful (no one can say which of the two is more beautiful), the setting sun has always had, and has, more public than the one that rises.  (Millôr Fernandes)
 Men close their doors against the setting sun.  (William Shakespeare)
 I have a horror of sunsets, it's romantic, it makes a lot of melodrama.  (Marcel Proust)
 I have reached the highest point of my greatness, and from the height of my glory, I hasten to set.  (William Shakespeare)
 The colors of the day slowly melted into gray and the peaks of distant mountains became confused silhouettes of crouching giants.  (Khaled Hosseini)
 Young people have a short memory, and have the eyes to look only to the east;  and to the west only the old people look at us, those who have seen the sun set many times (Giovanni Verga)


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