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Taormina: The Ancient theater

Taormina in addition to being a place, a landscape that inspired art, poetry, and fantasy. Taormina is a wonderful picture.
The Sicilian places are, as Pindar would have said, "a pillar of the sky", they are the places that hold heaven, earth, and sea. The whole eastern coast of Sicily seems to have stood still for an eternal spring, its panorama says it, the charm of nature that allows itself to be admired in all its wonder. Eliot wrote: "in Taormina, it is as bright as the snow on the top of Etna".
The Ancient theater of Taormina ("Teatro Antico di Taormina" in Italian) is an ancient Greek theater in Taormina

Daily news from Italy; March 24, 2020

Donare il sangue: perché è importante farlo
C’è in atto un’altra emergenza, quella della raccolta sangue. Per effetto della paura di Covid-19, nella prima settimana di marzo le donazioni sono calate in media del dieci per cento in tutta Italia. Dopo i tanti appelli alla donazione dei giorni scorsi, l'afflusso dei donatori è tornato a crescere.
Dove donare il sangue?

Attraverso il sistema di ricerca online GeoBlood è possibile conoscere la localizzazione dei punti di raccolta aperti più vicino al cittadino. Per effettuare la ricerca è sufficiente selezionare la propria regione, la provincia e il comune.

2020 | Travel is the traveler in Italy : 2020

Pet, true friend.

With over 60 million pets, Italy is the first country in Europe by a number of pets, followed by France and Spain: 38.8% of families live with a dog or cat (Assalco-Zoomark Pet Economy Report 2019 ).
A real people of small four-legged vacationers ready to leave the sultry cities to enjoy the coolness and relaxation by the sea, following their owners.
Pet true friend Author Photo and Copyright By Giulia Baldassarri Travel is the traveler in Italy Discover the soul of the places
Last shots and stories, continue here. Pet, true friend.

Pet, true friend. Travel is the traveler. Discover the soul of the places.

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Daily news from Italy

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