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Seaside –

Midday on the still and warm sea:
she accepts me without shouting: a silence and a smile.
Latin spirit, Antiquity, a veil of modesty on the tortured cry!
Latin life that knows its limits,
reassuring past, oh! Mediterranean!
Silent voices still triumph on your banks,
who say yes because they denied you!
Huge and light,
assure and satisfy and murmur the eternity of your minutes,
Oh! Mediterranean! And the miracle of your story,
you enclose it all
in the explosion of your smile.

From the Mediterranean by Albert Camus

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Last Judgment – Il Giudizio Universale –

The sense of beauty and the spirit that enlivens every place inhabited by man as guides for a fuller and more meaningful existence. Places have a soul. Our job is to find out. Exactly as it happens for the human person. ” (James Hillman)”
At the time of the Roman Empire, the soul of places was called the Genius Loci. The Genius Loci was linked to the territory, to the city, or even to a grove or spring. In the modern world, the genius loci is that quality, that indefinable but very clear spirit that distinguishes a place. It is a set of conditions, traditions, cultures, skills that are handed down from father to son and that constitute the identity of a place, even when they spread throughout the world.
Venezia Il Giudizio Universale Photo and Copyright By Baldassarri Giuseppe Travel is the traveler in Italy
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Last Judgment – Il Giudizio Universale – Travel is the …

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