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Lapedona, Province of Fermo, Italy.

Porta Marina Photo in Lapedona , Photo in Italy , Marche Region , 63823 Lapedona FM , Via Porta Marina , Porta Marina DESCRIPTION Lapedona between the blue of the Adriatic sea and the green of the rolling hills of Fermo in the Marche region. Question ? Click here for a map. Photo By Baldassarri Giuseppe, Attribution , Link Discover Lapedona, Province of Fermo, Italy Article By: Baldassarri Giuseppe Visual Storytelling License How to use my images DESCRIPTION PHOTO Port Marina terracotta doors In reality it is a counter door built a few meters from the real entrance to the village, on the access ramp, which was mainly used to dampe

The Sibillini Mountains

The Sibillini Mountains is a top pick on our site amongst travelers for › Hotel › Apartments › Resorts › Villas › BB › Guesthouses › Search here for Vacations, Trips, Holidays or Travels. The Sibillini Mountains Copyright “All rights reserved” © By travelers from Italy Baldassarri Giuseppe Visual Storytelling

Casette d'ete

In Casette d'ete manufacturing industries and in the industrial area there are footwear, leather goods and accessories companies and various outlets and points of sale. DESCRIPTION > The town is located in a valley between the Falchi hills and the course of the dead Ete stream, near its confluence with the Chienti river, a few kilometers from the Adriatic Sea. The hilly area on the left bank of the stream slopes down towards the Chienti plain. At the beginning of the 70s, the footwear business developed and agriculture was transformed with intensive crops that replaced the traditional ones. Of the numerous small artisan-type businesses, only three or four more solid survived after the 1980s, including Tod's of the Della Valle family. Click here for a map. Santa croce al Chienti Photo in 7MGW+VH Sant'Elpidio a mare, Provincia di Fermo , Photo in Italy , Marche ,

Sicilia Tour

Sicilia Tour DESCRIPTION > Sicily from Palermo to Agrigento, passing through the mosaics of Piazza Armerina and the Baroque cathedrals, discover your itinerary to discover Trinacria Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and with the Egadi, Aeolian, Pelagie, Ustica and Pantelleria it forms an autonomous region with its own legislative power. Crossroads of various civilizations that have alternated in the domination of the island, it has inherited from each of them both a piece of the mosaic that makes up the typical character of the people, and the extraordinary testimonies of a cultural and artistic heritage rarely equaled in the world. A mild climate, a natural environment with wonderful islands and islets, some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, with pristine seabed, active volcanoes, mountains, plains and cities with a fascinating and intriguing baroque face, make Sicily one of the most popular tourist destinations originals from the Mediterra

Calabria Tour

Calabria Tour DESCRIPTION > Located in the south-western part of Italy, Calabria occupies the "tip" of the boot. It is a sunburned region with rugged mountains, ancient villages and a spectacular coast with many renowned beaches. The largest city is Reggio Calabria, on the coast, where the National Archaeological Museum and the Bronzes of Riace are located, two famous Greek warriors of the fifth century BC. Click here for a map. Capo Vaticano Calabria Photo in Capo Vaticano , Photo in Italy , Calabria , 89866 VV , frazione di San Nicolò , Capo Vaticano Capo Vaticano is an extensive promontuous, seaside and flat location in the hamlet of San Nicolò, in the municipality of Ricadi (VV), located between Pizzo Calabro and Nicotera, along the "Costa degli Dei" kno
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