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Veneto Tour Photo By Giuseppe Baldassarri, by-nc-sa/4.0/, Link Veneto is a region of northeastern Italy that extends from the Dolomites to the Adriatic Sea. Venice, the capital, is famous for its canals, Gothic architecture and carnival. For more than a millennium, between the seventh and eighteenth centuries, Veneto was part of the powerful Republic of Venice. Close to Lake Garda, a lake that bathes the Alps, stands Verona, the medieval city where Shakespeare set "Romeo and Juliet". Article By: Baldassarri Giuseppe Visual Storytelling License How to use my images Description Veneto, where wonder is at home Choosing Veneto means choosing a destination. Living the Veneto means many things, as many as there are treasures enclosed here. In Veneto every holiday is possible, because in an area of just 210 km in length you will find all the beauties of nature and the greatest artistic peaks reached by man. Here you can admire the world from the top of the Dolomites or get lost in the blue of a sea rich in history, travel through the eras along the city streets or enjoy the healthy air of its lakes. Here you will love culture, you can dedicate yourself to relaxation and body care as the ancient Romans did, you will taste the tradition through food and customs alive for centuries, you will practice sports in close contact with the most varied nature. Here you can always count on the efficiency of the facilities at your service. Coming to Veneto is all this and much more ... Veneto is a land that enchants, come and discover it!.

Veneto Tour
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Veneto Tour Tourist Attraction

Veneto is a region full of fascination and charm, with countless natural and artistic attractions, as well as a wide range of not-to-be-missed sights and localities. The first stop on your journey of discovery, naturally, should be Venice, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that also comprises its lagoon, islands and the Grand Canal, flanked by ancient, embellished buildings that recall the splendor of the ancient Maritime Republic. Venice, famous for its historic Carnival, Murano glass, and Burano lace, can be visited on foot, via small lanes (called calli) (and over numerous bridges) - or by boat - from steamboats to gondolas, carrying passengers along the canals to admire some of the most singularly special panoramas in the world. Piazza San Marco, with its Basilica flaunting Byzantine mosaics and domes; the Doge’s Palace, the labyrinth of lanes dotted by shops and workshops; churches decorated with paintings, sculptures and frescoes; museums and even the most hidden piazzas, are all unforgettable. Another site on the UNESCO list is Verona’s historic center, a unique blend of the Renaissance, Medieval and Roman architectonic styles. The city’s most famous monuments are Juliet’s romantic balcony, made famous by Shakespeare’s tragedy, and the arena, which becomes a spectacular outdoor opera house during the summer. Nature is another one of the Veneto's excellencies: the Dolomites were recently added to the UNESCO World Heritage List due to their remarkable shape and the fascinating interplay of light between their peaks and pinnacles. This is the ideal world for ski enthusiasts: a huge area with miles of slopes and well-equipped resorts - first among them, the exclusive and elegant Cortina d'Ampezzo, the “pearl” of the Dolomites and one of the most famous mountain resorts in the world. Padua, the city of culture par excellence, offers its visitors many attractions, from the Basilica of St. Anthony, a destination for religious tourism, to the wonderful Scrovegni Chapel, a timeless masterpiece entirely frescoed by Giotto. Its 16th-Century Botanical Garden, rich in medicinal herbs, is also a World Heritage Site. The historic center of Vicenza, characterized by the classical style of architect Andrea Palladio, has also been granted UNESCO status, together with the marvelous stately homes he designed, including the stunning Villa Capra Valmarana and Villa Poiana, surrounded by great parks. This region has many more surprises in store for visitors to Belluno, Treviso and Rovigo. Even the smallest towns are steeped in history and culture: Asolo, a picturesque Medieval village; Possagno, dominated by the Mausoleum of Canova; and the walled towns of Cittadella, Monselice, Montagnana and Castelfranco Veneto, are by now integral parts of the regional landscape.

Top tourist attractions; 1 VENICE Venice does not only involve one of the most important places of interest in Veneto: its eternal beauty, unchanged for centuries and endowed with an incomparable charm, the appointment one of the most beautiful places to visit in Italy, if not in the whole world. The Basilica of San Marco, Palazzo Ducale, the magic of a gondola ride or a walk through the evocative streets of the historic center ... The emotions that this city can offer you will be difficult to match! To fully enjoy its magic and avoid unpleasant inconveniences, also offers 10 useful tips for visiting Venice! 2 VERONA Second in beauty only in Venice, Verona represents another of the excellence of the Veneto: places to visit, attractions, fairs and a rich calendar of events will offer you many ideas to organize an unforgettable stay! The majesty of the Arena and its prestigious Opera Festival, the Scaliger Bridge, Piazza delle Erbe, Castelvecchio, the Roman Theater and the places linked to the love story of Romeo and Juliet ... Some of the most famous things to see in Veneto in this romantic city! 3 PADUA Refined and lively, Padua welcomes some places to see absolutely during a holiday in Veneto. The testimonies of its glorious past have been the backdrop to the lively coming and going of students that has always populated the city - home to one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe - making it one of the most active and stimulating cultural centers in Veneto: places to visit and fascinating traditions will accompany you to spend the duration of your stay in Padua. Not to be missed: the Scrovegni Chapel, the Civic Museums at the Eremitani, the Pedrocchi Coffee, the Palazzo del Bo ', Prato della Valle, the Basilica of Sant'Antonio and the Botanical Garden. 4 VICENZA The city of Palladio is one of the destinations not to be missed in Veneto: fabulous places among the streets of the historic center and in the immediate vicinity follow one another in a harmonious fusion of architectural anchor and historical periods. Of Paduan origin but from Vicenza in purchase, Andrea Palladio has profoundly shaped the city by giving it places like the Palladian Basilica, the Olympic Theater, Palazzo Valmarana, the Loggia del Capitanio and the villa "La Rotonda", just to name a few. But not everything speaks "Palladio": the Romanesque Basilica of Saints Felice and Fortunato and the Baroque Sanctuary of Monte Berico, two other wonderful places to visit in Veneto. 5 LAKE GARDA In the list of beautiful places to visit in Veneto certainly can not miss the splendid Lake Garda. Lombardy, Trentino and Veneto find their meeting point here: the part of the lake that is located in our beautiful region is part of the province of Verona and some of the best places to visit in Veneto are located right along the shores of the largest lake in 'Italy. Bardolino, Lazie, Torri del Benaco, Garda and Malcesine will offer you a fascinating combination of tradition, history and breathtaking views. Relax in one of the many beaches, water sports, fun and a fine food and wine will give you a dream vacation. 6 DOLOMITES Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Dolomites hold some of the most beautiful places to visit in Italy. Located between Veneto, Trentino and Friuli, they offer fabulous scenarios in any season of the year, as well as a wide range of outdoor sports activities. Between small villages that seem to belong to a distant past, picturesque lakes with a thousand reflections and internationally known locations - among which Cortina d'Ampezzo, the 'Pearl of the Dolomites' stands out, synonymous with glamor, worldliness and exclusive services - the Dolomites offer countless ideas for deciding what to see in Veneto. 7 WALLED CITIES The marvelous places of Veneto can also boast a long list of walled cities which testify to the long and rich history of the region. Soave, Legnago and Peschiera del Garda, Montagnana, Monselice, Arquà Petrarca, Este and Cittadella, Marostica and Bassano del Grappa, Castelfranco Veneto and Asolo, Feltre, ... and the list goes on and on! In your list dedicated to the places to go in Veneto, at least one of these suggestive strongholds should be inserted, a precious glance at the past of our splendid territory. 8 CAORLE Among the wonderful places to visit in Veneto, Caorle also deserves to be mentioned: this picturesque seaside resort offers a historic center of rare beauty, 15 km of golden sand and multiple opportunities for fun. Shops and clubs dominate the main street, while between the narrow side streets, colorful houses and ancient traditions will transport you to an atmosphere of bygone times ... Do not miss the walk along the cliff to the Sanctuary of the Madonna dell'Angelo and a trip to the lagoon so loved by Ernest Hemingway with its characteristic valley huts. 9 LAGUNA The Venetian Lagoon undoubtedly represents one of the dream places in the Veneto: a suggestive expanse of water that frames Venice, the lagoon offers a unique magic ... A boat tour to discover its countless islands - from the famous trio Murano, Burano and Torcello to the lesser known smaller islands - will allow you to admire a different face of Venice, less subject to the invasions of tourists and therefore able to preserve a daily life of the past and ancient traditions now forgotten 10 VENETIAN VILLAS We conclude our selection of places to see in Veneto with the Venetian villas. Majestic country houses of the Venetian aristocracy, these villas match the Venetian palaces for splendor and richness and are often enriched by lush gardens with exotic plants and water features. Among the Venetian villas, the villas built by Andrea Palladio stand out, included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. they will tell you about another priceless face of Veneto. To visit: Villa Emo in Vedelago (Tv), Villa Pisani and Villa Foscarini in Stra (Ve), Villa Foscari 'La Malcontenta' in Mira (Ve), Villa Valmarana in Vicenza and Villa Contarini in Piazzola sul Brenta (Pd)
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Venezia, in Italy, Veneto, 30100 Venezia VE, Piazza San Marco, Historic square and meeting place dating back to the XII century, dominated by the Basilica of San Marco. Description Piazza San Marco, located in Venice, is one of the most important Italian monumental squares, renowned worldwide for its beauty and architectural integrity. It is the only urban space in Venice that properly takes the name of a square, as all the other spaces in the form of a square are properly defined fields. Its main body has a trapezoidal shape and is 170 meters long: other areas are grafted onto it. It is also known as "the Piazza" or "the drawing room of Europe".
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Veneto Tour Piazza San Marco, 30100 Venezia VE Place The square is enclosed between the old and new and the "new" ones, presents an architectural development of rare suggestion on the monumental complex of the homonymous basilica and the just overlooking, towering, bell tower of San Marco. Click here for a map.


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Italy: the most beautiful country in the world.
Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Italy, 1 Colosseum Rome, 2 Venice Canals, 3 Pompeii, 4 Leaning Tower of Pisa, 5 Lake Como, 6 Amalfi Coast, 7 Florence Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore, 8 Cinque Terre. We are in Italy and we know that we have one of the most visited countries in the world under our feet, a unique country, rich in history, culture, natural resources, and a consolidated artisan and gastronomic tradition. Yes an open-air museum, in every corner, in every street, in every small neighborhood hides a piece of history, tradition, and culture. If you can meet the expectations of tourists they will talk about it with relatives, friends, in blogs, share photos and comments on social media, encouraging you to visit the white beaches of Salento, to take a photo in front of the imposing Colosseum, to watch the view from a high altitude refuge in the Dolomites, to be lulled in the lagoon on a gondola in Venice, to taste a plate of freshly baked lasagna in a typical Emilian inn ... But there is more but much more. The Italian Small towns and Borghi villages that tourists should see, large and small, medieval and baroque, perched on high mountains or along coasts. The most beautiful villages along with the boot - worthy of being seen at least once in a lifetime - for the kitchen, the art, the landscape, the history . From Cornello dei Tasso, in the province of Bergamo, a medieval fairytale village where time seems to stand still in Scanno, in Abruzzo, a rural paradise . Up to Marettimo, in the Egadi, a refuge in all senses . Click here for a map.

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We are in Italy and we know that we have one of the most visited countries in the world under our feet, a unique country, rich in history, culture, natural resources, and a consolidated artisan and gastronomic tradition. Yes an open-air museum, in every corner, in every street, in every small neighborhood hides a piece of history, tradition, and culture. Where to go?
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Do you prefer northern, central or southern Italy for your holidays?

We are in Italy and we know that we have one of the most visited countries in the world under our feet, a unique country, rich in history, culture, natural resources, and a consolidated artisan and gastronomic tradition. Yes an open-air museum, in every corner, in every street, in every small neighborhood hides a piece of history, tradition, and culture. Where to go?
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Northern Italy. The northern regions of Italy are full of spectacular mountain landscapes, while other areas, especially on the east coast, are flat at the entrance to the Adriatic Sea.
Central Italy Venerated vineyards, medieval cities on top of the hill and works of art praised by UNESCO: this journey embraces suggestive landscapes and villages.
Southern Italy it is the heat of the sun and the color of the landscapes, Italy in its most ancient form, full of feeling and sensual. Down here, the ruins are older, the longest lunches and the wildest and most intense landscapes.

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