Petritoli the fortified gate.

Petritoli the fortified gate. In the 15th century, the castle of Petritoli suffered several attacks related to the struggle between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines: 1415 Carlo Malatesta, 1422 Braccio da Perugia, 1445 Pietro Brunoro, the castle suffered extensive damage to such an extent that the Petritolese community had to decide whether to abandon or rebuild the castle. It was decided to rebuild it and the weaker gate, the Petrania gate (nowadays Three Arches) was fortified, the defense was advanced compared to the ancient and no longer reliable fourteenth-century gate. The new door was a "war machine", two round bastions equipped with holes for slanting and squeezing cannons, three sides protected by walls with double battlements. In the event of a breakthrough of the main door, a 14th-century grate was lowered and the soldiers remained inside the walls while the archers, placed at the top, were protected by internal battlements. The proof of this new structure's resistance to war occurred in the 16th century; the "bloodthirsty" Odet de Foix, count of Lautrec, general commander of the army of the king of France in 1528, moves with his army to conquer Naples. Upon the arrival of this army in the Fermo area, many municipalities agreed to host and refresh the army, others such as Porchiano and Petritoli refused.

Petritoli the fortified gate ✹❂✹ 📷 By © Baldassarri Giuseppe | Travel and travelers in Italy

Petritoli the fortified gate ✹❂✹ 📷 By © Baldassarri Giuseppe
Petritoli the fortified gate ✹❂✹ 📷 By © Baldassarri Giuseppe

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Italy: the most beautiful country in the world.

Italy: the most beautiful country in the world. Photo By: Baldassarri Giuseppe Copyright, License Own work, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
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Italy: the most beautiful country in the world.
Italy: the most beautiful country in the world. We are in Italy and we know that we have one of the most visited countries in the world under our feet, a unique country, rich in history, culture, natural resources, and a consolidated artisan and gastronomic tradition. Yes an open-air museum, in every corner, in every street, in every small neighborhood hides a piece of history, tradition, and culture. If you can meet the expectations of tourists they will talk about it with relatives, friends, in blogs, share photos and comments on social media, encouraging you to visit the white beaches of Salento, to take a photo in front of the imposing Colosseum, to watch the view from a high altitude refuge in the Dolomites, to be lulled in the lagoon on a gondola in Venice, to taste a plate of freshly baked lasagna in a typical Emilian inn ... But there is more but much more. The Italian Small towns and Borghi villages that tourists should see, large and small, medieval and baroque, perched on high mountains or along coasts. The most beautiful villages along with the boot - worthy of being seen at least once in a lifetime - for the kitchen, the art, the landscape, the history . From Cornello dei Tasso, in the province of Bergamo, a medieval fairytale village where time seems to stand still in Scanno, in Abruzzo, a rural paradise . Up to Marettimo, in the Egadi, a refuge in all senses . Click here for a map.

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