Anacapri Blue Grotto "Grotta Azzurra"


Capri ... of nature embellished by the sea.
Your eyes of crystalline waters gracefully surround
the cliffs, and at every corner are born
its nests of winged white houses,
that seem to fly like free seagulls.

Your veil of the princess of the Rock,
it covers its foliage with intense green
That falls like an enchanted waterfall,
trying to grab the sea.

Poem by Di Rodolfo Reyes

the Blue Grotto is the spectacle of Capri, this natural cave is 25 meters wide and 60 meters long, with a tiny entrance less than a meter high. To enter, visitors on wooden rowboats and glide through the low mouth of the cave. Once inside, the boats move in the dark, suspended on the surface of the water so blue that it seems like a dream.

Anacapri Grotta Azzurra Author Photo and Copyright By Scalino Gaetano Travel is the traveler in Italy Discover the soul of the places

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Anacapri Blue Grotto "Grotta Azzurra" Travel is the traveler. Discover the soul of the places.

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