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Torrione Rotondo Loreto

Torrione Rotondo Loreto Photo and Gallery © By Baldassarri Giuseppe itravelinitaly.com travelers from Italy
Torrione Rotondo Loreto Photo and Gallery © By Baldassarri Giuseppe itravelinitaly.com travelers from Italy

Torrione Rotondo Loreto, 60025, Loreto, AN, Marche, Italy. Round tower SMALL TOWER of the city walls (Macro type: military architecture) battlements - demolition - 17th century - Early 16th century the battlements were demolished, replaced by a parapet and the sentry box was added. whole property - arrangement project - 20th century - In 1909 the architect Guido Cirilli designed the arrangement of the keep and the surrounding area. whole well - beginning of works - 16th century - The construction of the tower probably began at the beginning of 1519 under the direction of Cristoforo Resse da Imola. Some historians attribute the design of the entire fortification of the city of Loreto to Francesco di Giorgio Martini. battlements - construction - 16th century - On April 20, 1521 Cristoforo Resse was paid for the "growth" of sixteen battlements. In 1524 Mastro Magno da Imola was paid for the execution of the `parapet to et mattonar that above and below and to take the stairs`. whole property - renovation works - 20th century - From 1915 the works already envisaged by Cirilli have carried out: demolition of the building built near the walls and redesign of the altimetric profile of the area. The platform of the tower, with the surrounding area, was used as a remembrance park in memory of the Laurentian soldiers who died in the war. Three flights of external stairs were added to access the roof of the tower between which the monument dedicated to the fallen was inserted. Perhaps the construction of the small bell tower adjacent to the sentry box dates back to this period. whole property - end of works - 16th century - The first certain accounting documents date back to June 1519. Antonio Maria da Como and Benedetto da Bergamo were paid for the construction of the corbels. This document attests that the works were at a very advanced stage and probably ended in the following month of July.
How to reach Loreto and the sanctuary of the holy house. Here are some useful indications on how to get to the Sanctuary of the Holy House. Motorways: Bologna-Ancona-Bari and Rome-Pescara-Ancona: Loreto exit. Airport: "Raffaello sanzio" of Ancona-Falconara (30 km from Loreto). Railway lines: Milan-Bologna-Ancona-Lecce (getting off at Loreto and Ancona stations) and Rome-Falconara-Ancona (with bus service from Ancona). Bus service: Ancona to Loreto and vice versa