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Lombardia, Lombardy, Italy

Duomo di Milano, esterno 001.jpg
Duomo di Milano

Lombardia, Italy. The naturalistic, artistic and architectural panorama of Lombardy offers tourists numerous visits. There are five UNESCO sites on the regional territory: Mantova, the city of the Gonzaga and Sabbioneta, the "ideal city" of the Italian Renaissance; the Sacri Monti, devotional route in the Varese and Ossuccio areas; the prehistoric cave paintings of Valcamonica; the Rhaetian railway that crosses the mountain landscapes of Albula and Bernina; the nineteenth-century industrial settlement of Crespi d'Adda and, finally, Milan, where, in the beautiful church of Santa Maria delle Grazie you can admire the fresco of the Last Supper painted by Leonardo da Vinci. Also in Milan, the regional capital, important architectural works are the Teatro alla Scala, the famous stage of world opera, the Castello Sforzesco, and the monumental Duomo, the white marble church dedicated to "Maria nascente". In Monza, the natural park that houses the ultra-modern Autodrome, the Royal Villa and the Cathedral are certainly worth seeing, where the ancient "iron crown" that would enclose one of the nails of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ is kept. In Brescia, of particular interest is the complex of the Monastery of San Salvatore; in Cremona, a city with Renaissance palaces where the tradition of luthiers is still alive and they had their maximum expression in Stradivari, worthy of visiting are the artisan workshops of luthiers and the Stradiviariano Museum. Pavia is the city of the hundred towers, of the Visconti castle and of the university. Varese is called the "garden province", while Sondrio, with the beautiful Castello Masegra, owes its charm to the mix of different eras and styles. Lecco owes its fame to "I Promessi Sposi", the novel masterpiece by Alessandro Manzoni, which opened with the image of the splendid branch of the lake on which the city stands. In Bergamo there is the Carrara Academy, one of the largest Italian art galleries, the Colleoni Chapel and the Donizetti Theater, dedicated to the most illustrious citizen of Bergamo and a well-known composer. The medieval city of Lodi is characterized by the arcades of Piazza della Vittoria which overlook the Duomo and the Palazzo Comunale. Finally Como, on the extreme tip of the western arm of the lake, is known for its beautiful villas including Villa Olmo, an imposing neoclassical building.


Lombardia, Lombardy, Italy