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Il laterizio in Grottammare Borgo

Location: 63066 Grottammare AP, Italy. Brick is a product made of ceramic material with a porous paste, used since prehistoric times in construction, which is a very important building material. It is created with purified clay, pressed into established shapes, dried and cooked in special ovens. The coastal and hilly areas rich in that clay, so stingy from an agricultural production point of view, have favored the use of bricks, derived from the firing of the clay itself.

The bell tower of the CHURCH OF SANTA LUCIA in Grottammare

Travelers from Italy introduce; The bell tower of the CHURCH OF SANTA LUCIA in Grottammare Copyright All rights reserved © By travelers from Italy Photo by Baldassarri Giuseppe.
The bell tower of the CHURCH OF SANTA LUCIA, Piazza Santa Lucia, 63066 Grottammare AP, Italy. The church is the most imposing architectural element of the upper town, located in a clearly visible position that characterizes the façade of the old incumbent. The east-facing façade opens onto a narrow square that insists on three arches, which serve as support, below which there are wash houses. It presents a sober and essential style, inspired by the rigorous principles of Tridentine architecture. It is composed of a massive square body from which emerges the octagonal drum, which hides the dome, and the brick bell tower, with two bells, with three overlapping arches and curved crowning.