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The charm of the village of Grottamare Alta.

Travelers from Italy introduce;  The charm of the village of Grottamare Alta  Copyright All rights reserved © By travelers from Italy Photo OnGoogleMaps by Baldassarri Giuseppe. 
Via Camilla Peretti, 63066 Grottammare, AP, Italy. Lose yourself in the alleys paved with worn bricks, with views overlooking the Adriatic Sea, beautiful small streets and the scenery that you will observe from a Camilla Peretti street. Camilla Peretti (1519–1605), sister of Pope Sixtus V (r. 1585– 90), was one of an influential group of Roman noblewomen who supported the Counter-Reformation through their patronage of architecture. Peretti’s projects included collaboration with her brother to develop the sprawling Villa Montalto complex on the Esquiline Hill and renovation of the ancient church of S. Susanna al Quirinale, where she commissioned a chapel dedicated to St. Lawrence and built a convent for a group of radically reformed Cistercian nuns. Although Sixtus V is usually characterized …