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The entrance door

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I Travel in Italy introduces you; Church of Santa Maria di Capodarco Copyright All rights reserved © By travelers from Italy Photo by Baldassarri Giuseppe Visual Storytelling

Church of Santa Maria di Capodarco, Piazza della Repubblica 14, 63900, Capodarco, Province of Fermo, Fermano, Fm, Italy.
Capodarco is one of the four districts of Fermo, the story says that already in 1100 there was a fortress built at the height of Monte Secco: from some documents it appears the Castrum Montis Sicchi, with its general council that was summoned to Fermo on occasions of great strategies that governed the city. In the territory, there was also a strong religious presence, so much so that the owners of the area made a donation of land for the construction of a building for the care of the spirit entrusted to the Franciscan Friars. The religious place was appreciated by the nobility of Fermo: it was said that …… .. “not far from Fe…

The Bridge of Sighs Venice

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The Bridge of Sighs Venice, Il Ponte dei Sospiri Venezia, Piazza San Marco, 1, 30122 Venezia, Venice, VE, Italy. The fog had now risen, making the Bridge of Sighs even more mysterious. The Bridge of Sighs, is one of the most photographed magical places in Venice, every time I am in Venice I take more than one photo, from any angle the photo is magical. From the Bridge of Sighs, it emerges that the name, at the time of the Serenissima, would have been attributed to the fact that through the prisoners they sighed because they were aware of the fact that it would be the last time, before being imprisoned, that they would see the outside world. As far as the history of the Bridge of Sighs is concerned, this is a fanciful reconstruction since, in reality, the outside is not visible from the bridge.