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63824, Marina di Altidona, FM, Fermo, Marches, Italy.

WEATHER END OF SEPTEMBER IN ITALY Copyright All rights reserved © By travelers from Italy Photo by Baldassarri Giuseppe visual storytelling. To share on @itravelinitaly_com

September will end with two-speed weather. Northern Italy and marginally even the central regions will be affected by the passage of perturbations driven by a low-pressure circulation on the North Atlantic. We, therefore, expect dynamic weather with an autumnal taste with unstable and rainy phases that will alternate with shorter and quieter periods. The other regions will instead be more affected by the anticyclone with greater stability and mostly dry and sunny weather. The temperatures will result in the typical averages of the period to the north while the southwestern influx will bring the thermometer on values ​​above the average in the south and on the middle Adriatic side.

WEATHER TREND START OCTOBER - This situation should continue even …

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