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The Beach in a Mirror "Marina di Altidona"

Chalet Bagni Sant'Andrea, The Beach, Lungomare Giovanni Falcone, Marina di Altidona, Province of Fermo, Marches, Italy.
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The Beach in a Mirror "Marina di Altidona" Copyright“All rights reserved” © By travelers from Italy Photo by Baldassarri Giuseppe visual storytelling.
The colors change constantly, the temperature rises until you want a nice dip in the sea. Spending time on the beach is slow, pleasant to be caressed by the sea breeze from dawn until sunset, it is part of the summer holidays for many people. There is nothing else like building on the sand, jumping in the waves and sunbathing. Looking at the vast sea has a beauty all its own. Capturing the rising sun and setting on the horizon is a favorite beach activity to start and finish every day. For many, going to the beach is an opportunity to get away from stress and hectic schedules. It i…