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Campofilone historic center

Copyright “All rights reserved” © By - Visual Storytelling @giuseppebaldassarri.
63828 Campofilone, Province of Fermo, Italy. n the historic center, enclosed by walls, you can reach it by walking along a short avenue lined with majestic secular pines. The village, tapering in shape, rises along a main street that is overlooked by the main buildings behind which a labyrinth of alleys opens up, sometimes covered by barrel vaults and cross vaults, which allow a glimpse of the beauty of the landscape that surrounds it: the calm Adriatic Sea, the rolling hills until you reach the white-washed peaks of the Sibillini mountains. Copyright “All rights reserved” © By - Visual Storytelling @giuseppebaldassarri.

Campo Santa Margherita

Campo Santa Margherita, 30100 Venezia VE, Italy.Large open space in campo santa margherita. Campo Santa Margherita is located in Venice, in one of the most beautiful areas of the city, the Dorso Duro district. Campo Santa Margherita is a favorite meeting place for university and non-university students. During the day this Venetian space is very popular with residents and tourists, who consider it one of the liveliest places in the city, with the fish market, the greengrocers, the children playing, the elderly resting on the benches. But it is in the evening that this Venetian piazza comes to life the most, with hundreds of boys and girls moving from one place to another in the company of friends to enjoy the Venetian nightlife. The spritz in Campo Santa Margherita is a ritual that young people do not want to give up. In fact, this aperitif, composed of prosecco, Seltz and a third of light liqueur, is the drink preferred by the Venetians, who have "infected" even those who …

Pedaso and the Murales

The promenade of the 20th-century singer-songwriters in Pedaso, especially the walls of the railways that separate the town from the beach, are embellished with well-colored murals that blend perfectly with the landscape below. Murals Pictorial representations of scenes mostly of a social-popular inspiration, executed, even with several hands, on walls, building facades, large panels of various materials, usually placed in open places. In murals, the spontaneous or desired simplicity of the stroke, together with the vividness of the colors, creates an effect of great visual immediacy. From what I deduce, at the time of the construction of the railway along the Adriatic road, it was very difficult to build tunnels, so it was decided to build the railway over the sea, separating the town from the sea, well in Pedaso all this was an opportunity creative. Murales Pedaso Copyright “All rights reserved” © By - Visual Storytelling @giuseppebaldassarri.
Pedaso is a top pic…