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EFFECTS Rio Priuli Venice

Riello de Santa Sofia,  Rio Priuli, 30100 Venice, Sestière di Cannaregio, Veneto, Italy, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy Photo taken of the Sails bridge on Rio Priuli or de Santa Sofia, in the Cannaregio district. There were two Priuli palaces along this river, which from the numerous houses scattered throughout the city took the title, as they had it in other sites, streets, bridges, and so on. Coming to Venice from Hungary around the year one thousand, the Priuli was part of the Maggior Consiglio and gave the city illustrious men in arms and politics. Ca ’Priuli-Scarpon was located on the corner of the Rio de San Felice, but in 1739 a violent fire almost completely destroyed it. A second Ca ’Priuli overlooked this river, opposite the other Gothic palace where the Benedetti family lived. Ponte Delle Vele Venezia bridge of the sails Venice the Rio Priuli Copyright “All rights reserved” © by travelers from Italy Baldassarri Giuseppe Visual Storytelling.

Venezia is…