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Campo Santa Margherita Dorsoduro

Campo Santa Margherita, 30100 Venezia VE, Italy Campo Santa Margherita is a field in Venice, located in the Dorsoduro district. The cry of the seagull could be heard perfectly, with the complicity of the other seagulls they demanded fish from the fishmonger lurking with his cart in the Santa Margherita camp, an image of other times, only in Venice without modern noise, a seagull can attract attention The current appearance is due to the interventions of the second half of the nineteenth century decreed by the Austro-Hungarian authorities which led, for hygienic reasons, to the landfill of some rivers. Before 1863 the camp respected the typical pattern of other Venetian merchant fields, bordered to the south by a waterway formed by the Rio della Scoazzera, connected to the San Barnaba stream by the Ca 'Canal river. The camp is known as a traditional meeting place for young people due to its proximity to the IUAV, to Ca 'Foscari and to various colleges. Added to this is the sho…

Lapedona blue and green

Like all the villages of Fermano, Lapedona is also close to the sea, 10 km away from the Adriatic Sea, the village is surrounded by a hill, still preserves the old walls and has 360 degree views, you can see the sea, you can see the neighboring villages and the Monti Sibilini can be seen. Lapedona is among the hilly ridges between the altidona, Moresco and Monterubbiano and precisely Lapedona and Torre di Palme. Lapedona is a medieval hilltop town, located in an area inhabited since ancient times. Through the ancient port Marina, perfectly preserved, with a pointed arch decorated with Ghibelline merlons, you enter the historic center. Under the portico of the sixteenth-century town hall, embellished with different arches, there is a funerary stone from the Roman era, on which there are inscriptions and bas-reliefs. The church of San Nicolò is decorated with a beautiful wooden ceiling and exhibits a painting by Simone de Magistris on the main altar. A neoclassical portal leads into th…