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Venezia: Venezia is part of my dreams when I can visit it and every time it is more surprising than the previous visit. ...

The promenade of the twentieth-century s Photo Pedaso

Pedaso’s promenade along the seafront is separated from the town by the railway, to go along the promenade, accessible only on foot or by bicycle, you have to cross underpasses.

These underpasses, long ago, were dedicated to Italian twentieth-century songwriters, with events organized to celebrate the event, concerts on the sea, a very beautiful and appreciated initiative.

The promenade of the twentieth-century s Photo by Giuseppe Baldassarri — National Geographic Your Shot:

Let's start on the gondola Venezia

Romantic Holidays Venezia The best place for a nice romantic vacation in Venice. Stay 2 maximum 3 days, hear them arrive in groups, hear their trollers slide into the Pavè, wake you up in the morning, do not let you sleep at night, most come by train, they come from all over the world, you with your smartphone always in his hand, ready to take photographs, he always surprised.

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Left side The Bridge of Sighs Il Ponte dei Sospiri Venezia

Sestière di San Marco, Veneto, Italy The fog had now risen, making the Bridge of Sighs even more mysterious. The Bridge of Sighs, is one of the most photographed magical places in Venice, every time I am in Venice I take more than one photo, from any angle the photo is magical. From the Bridge of Sighs, it emerges that the name, at the time of the Serenissima, would have been attributed to the fact that through the prisoners they sighed because they were aware of the fact that it would be the last time, before being imprisoned, that they would see the outside world. As far as the history of the Bridge of Sighs is concerned, this is a fanciful reconstruction since, in reality, the outside is not visible from the bridge.
Bridge of Sighs and its legends Venezia. Copyright “All rights reserved” © By Travel is the traveler from Italy I Travel in Italy Baldassarri Giuseppe Visual Storytelling Today it is famous as a bridge of love: couples exchange promises by passing in…

The Door Moresco

I have gone so many times to Moresco, but I had not noticed, as a good ignoramus that I am, this very small and isolated church, which is on the street and only the church is lit, so we can not but notice it. 20 meters of a country lane, and here it is, lit, around the most total darkness, so dark that when I came back to get the car I found it, I turned off the headlights.
The Door #itravelinitaly Photo by Giuseppe Baldassarri — National Geographic Your Shot: